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The cheftestants perform their morning ablutions, including hair-drying, push-ups, and shaving in the bedroom. This last task produces some shock and awe as Ed shaves without the assistance of a sink or anything. Wouldn't there be whiskers everywhere? Based on every bathroom sink I've ever shared with a male, I would think there would be whiskers everywhere after he was done shaving. I wonder if the show has a housecleaner or if the cheftestants have to clean their own rooms and bathrooms. Hmm. Turns out Ed was just getting a jumpstart while waiting for the bathroom to be free, and once it is, he takes his shaving in there. Ed also reveals that he is the biggest cliché-spouter on the show, and thus will earn lots of camera-time, when he talks about John's elimination and says, "I'm here to win" (ding!) and "it is what it is" (ding! ding!).

The cheftestants prepare breakfast and wait around in the tiny kitchen. Alex teases Jacqueline about the amount of butter she is using in whatever she is preparing. Is that a subtle dig at her lowfat dish from last week? Andrea reminds us in an interview that Angelo won both challenges last week, but she still thinks she can beat him or anyone else. At least she doesn't say that she's there to win. It's not Top Friends, it's Top Chef. I wish someone would say that. At least I would get a giggle out of it. Anyway, they all head out to the kitchen.

Quickfire Challenge! The cheftestants are greeted with goofy enthusiasm by Padma. I don't know if it's the sleep deprivation or what, but Padma is much cheerier this season. It's kind of disconcerting. She introduces them to White House Assistant Chef and Food Initiative Coordinator Sam Kass. He's kind of cute, that dude. Since he's not a well-known celebrity chef, the usual testimonial by a cheftestant telling he's a rock star is replaced with one telling us "He's important because he feeds the President." Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Padma is clearly embarrassed to explain that government has to work together (try telling that to the government) so this is a "bi-partisandwich quickfire." GROAN. The challenge is to pair up and create a delicious sandwich. The cheftestants are like, "How is this a challenge, exactly? Isn't this just called 'lunch'?" Padma says that the winners get immunity, and Ken interviews that he doesn't care about immunity because he doesn't think he needs it? Or because he's just going to eliminate people one-by-one? He doesn't really explain why he doesn't care about immunity. But he doesn't! Care! Since they included that, you know immunity will come into play somehow with the elimination. The cheftestants draw knives to partner up as Angelo interviews that it would be embarrassing for him to lose this challenge, since he owns a sandwich shop. Oh, Angelo, is there anything you don't do? You world-traveling, sandwich-shop-owning, country-living, challenge-winning monster!

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