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Hey, did you know that Stefan uses wrinkle cream? You do now. I also found out that Stefan is the same age as me, and I can't decide if that's flattering or not. On the one hand, I don't think I look as old as him. On the other hand, he's accomplished a lot more in his life than I have. So I guess it's a draw. Anyway, Sheldon interviews that they're down to nine cheftestants, and the competition is getting tighter. There's also a weirdo interlude where we see that Sheldon sharpens his knives every day. Why is this relevant? We'll find out shortly.

The cheftestants enter the kitchen and find Padma standing there with some dude named Bob Kramer. He's a master bladesmith, which is a super cool job title. Anyway, he makes custom knives for chefs and they sell for thousands of dollars. For the Quickfire, they cheftestants will test their knife skills. There are three rounds. In the first round, they will compete in teams of three to sharpen dull knives. The first two teams to sharpen their knives such that they can cut a piece of paper will advance. In the second round, the teams will have to tourne fifty potatoes. The first team to finish will move on to the final round, where the teammates will compete against one another to break down and French two rabbits. The first cheftestant to do so wins a Bob Kramer knife and gets immunity.

They draw knives to determine teams, and they are as follows: John, Kristen, and Josie are the red team, Josh, Sheldon, and Micah are the blue team, and Stefan, Lizzie, and Brooke are the green team. Padma adds that if they nick themselves, they will be disqualified. They all get to sharpening. John keeps peer pressuring his teammates to get their knives checked, worried that someone will beat them to it. The green team gets checked first, but Brooke's knife isn't sharp enough so they have to keep trying. John calls for a check of the red team even though Kristen thinks her knife isn't sharp enough, and then John's knife is the one that's too dull. HA HA HA! John does a bit more sharpening and the red team is the first to finish. The blue team finishes next, so the green team is out.

Moving on to round two, tourne fifty potatoes. Josie explains that you have to cut the potatoes into seven-sided footballs. Here's a shocker: John is an expert at this. Josie nicks herself and gets disqualified, and her team must continue without her. So now there are two people going against three, but John's sure he can make up the difference. The blue team finishes and calls for a check, and the judge says they're good.

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