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So the final round is Micah, Sheldon, and Josh competing against one another to break down a rabbit. Josh comments that it's the same to break down a rabbit as a cat. Yikes. They do have a finished example to look at, but Josh has trouble Frenching the rack with a chef's knife. Micah explains that he just goes into Zen mode and he's the first one done. The judge checks his work and it's good enough to win! Micah gets immunity and a custom knife. Everyone is jealous.

So let's move on to the Elimination Challenge! It's the tenth season, so each cheftestant will be assigned a memorable moment from a past season, and will have to cook a dish related to that moment. The winning dish will inspire one in the line of the Top Chef branded frozen meals, so they will have to make the dish healthier. The winning cheftestant gets $15K. Each cheftestant gets a video player. Padma says the moment from their season will come into play later. Everyone grabs a video player and starts watching. So then a bunch of time is taken up watching old moments, which is fun, but ends up being not that relevant to what happens in this episode so I'm glossing over it.

They go shopping. Lizzie got Jamie's Top Scallop moment, so she's buying scallops. She's used to cooking scallops in her job, and they're naturally healthy, so she thinks this will be easy. Famous last words.

Back at the loft, everyone shares their memorable moments. Brooke has the stolen pea puree moment, which they all discuss but it's hilarious because no one remembers exactly what happened so it's all speculation. Tom Colicchio has clarified that no pea puree was stolen, despite the editing.

The next day, they arrive at their kitchen and start cooking. John explains that he has a moment that involves Anthony Bourdain as a judge. Did you know John first hired Bourdain? And John is a character in his book? Because he's been everywhere and he knows everything. Anyway, John has to make risotto and he's worried since he can't find a flat, level pot. He doesn't seem to spend ALL that much time looking for the right pot, though.

Kristen has to make Carla's chicken pot pie, which was decidedly unhealthy, so she's going to deconstruct it and get rid of the gravy, butter, etc. that made it so delicious but unhealthy. Josh has Michael Voltaggio's braised bacon, so Josh will be cooking pork YET AGAIN. Josie explains that her job at home is teaching people how to eat healthier, and she's passionate about it. Brooke explains that she went through a heavier period (and a photo shows that she's not kidding) so she learned to make her food healthier but also delicious. Micah has the bad collaboration between Heather and Beverly, so he has to make the same dish but make it all work together.

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