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When Lizzie opens her scallops, she realizes that they don't smell fresh, and she's not sure what to do. Check your scallops before you leave the store? Just a thought.

The judges enter. Padma, Tom, and Wolfgang are joined by chefs Wylie Dufresne, Jonathan Waxman, and Chris Cosentino. I can't believe they're having Wylie Dufresne as a judge and not cooking eggs. Meanwhile, the cheftestants are furiously finishing their meals and plating. John explains that risotto isn't difficult to cook, but it has a bad history on the show. So why make it? Also, it's interesting that he feels it isn't difficult since, spoiler, he ends up screwing it up. Stefan explains that he's making a grilled cheese sandwich but in trying to make it healthy, it also lost some flavor, so he snuck in some butter. Does he think the judges won't know he did that? They're pretty sharp.

The dishes are served by season, so Josie is up first with her herb roasted chicken with parsnip puree and steamed root vegetables. To represent Season 2, Stefan made roasted red pepper soup with a bacon and grilled mimolette cheese sandwich. I don't see how you can put bacon on cheese and call it healthy by any stretch of the imagination. John had Season 3 and he made umami risotto with chicken, salmon roe, burdock root, and carrot emulsion.

The judges think that Josie roasted the chicken nicely, and the skin had a nice crunch, but Jonathan says it's just okay, but nothing special. Chris points out the fat content of Stefan's dish, and Wylie calls it "greasy." They do all like the soup, though. Padma mentions that she doesn't like John's risotto and everyone agrees. Wolfgang pinpoints the problem; some of the rice is undercooked and some is overcooked. Tom says that if you cook the risotto well, it doesn't matter what you put in there.

The next round of cheftestants are cooking and plating. Josh yells to the room asking for a chinois and no one answers him so he starts cursing. Dude, if anyone had one, they would have offered it up. The silence means no, and if having one was so critical to your dish, you should have nabbed one earlier. Lizzie is worried about her gross scallops; they are releasing liquid as she tries to sear them, so she's not getting a good sear. This could be the end for Lizzie.

The next three dishes are served. Sheldon had Season 4 and he made beef Carpaccio with poi aioli, mizuna and mushroom salad and silken tofu foam. Lizzie had Season 5 and made seared scallops with roasted fennel, garlic puree, orange and olive salad. Josh had Season 6 and made soy-glazed pork tenderloin with smoked cashew puree and heirloom peaches.

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