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The judges love Josh's pork, and Wolfgang comments that it's cooked perfectly. Wylie loves the sides. Tom takes the opportunity to tease Padma for the outfit she wore when they visited the Air Force base. Tom claims it was a jumpsuit, but via flashback we see that it was a super tight leopard print skirt and top. Wow, nice hooker wear, Padma. Why advertise? The judges think Sheldon's beef looks awful, even if it tastes good, and Wylie likes the idea of using tofu but notes that Sheldon didn't give it any flavor, so it's useless. Wolfgang calls the scallop quality "dubious" and Tom doesn't think his scallop is cooked well. Jonathan thinks she should have served the dish without the scallop. I don't know if we've ever gotten a strong answer from the judges on whether they would rather have subpar quality food or an incomplete dish.

The final trio of dishes is served. Brooke had Season 7 and she made smoke salmon with forbidden black rice and English pea and parsnip puree. Kristen had Season 8 and she made poached chicken breast, carrot puree with garlic and tofu emulsion. Micah had Season 9 and he made five-spiced duck breast with miso polenta and pickled cherries.

The judges like Micah's duck breast, and Tom points out the pickled cherries as excellent. Jonathan doesn't like the miso polenta, and Wolfgang suggests that he should have grated fresh corn in his polenta to give it flavor but keep it healthy. Tom likes the lightness and flavor of Kristen's dish, and Jonathan is really impressed with how she deconstructed the pot pie. Padma likes the visual appeal of Brooke's dish, and Tom thinks every component is well cooked.

Weird interstitial. Tom says that his most memorable dish from the show was Paul's dashi. Chris loved when that weirdo dude was trying to butcher meat and Tom eliminated him on the spot. Padma brings up when Wolfgang threw a donut, which was pretty awesome.

The cheftestants wait in the makeshift Stew Room until Padma comes in and asks to see Josh, John, Kristen, Lizzie, and Brooke. The remaining people are confused why so many people were called back. Once they're out there, Padma explains that they are the top and the bottom. Josh, Brooke, and Kristen are the top three. Wolfgang compliments Brooke's smoked salmon. Tom likes that Kristen's dish was homey while being healthy. Tom tells Josh that he did a great job cooking the pork FINALLY and they all wanted more. And the winning dish belongs to...Kristen! She might be my pick to win the whole thing. She's really been shining lately.

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