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Then Padma tells John and Lizzie that they had the bottom two dishes. Chris tells John that his risotto was improperly cooked. John says he's not making an excuse, but then makes the excuse that there were no level pots in the kitchen. Wolfgang points out that the customer doesn't care about the pots, and John needs to figure out a way to make it work. John continues to blame the equipment until Josh has to speak up and say that he had no trouble finding adequate pots and pans. John claims that Josh just doesn't like him and Tom is totally giggling. Lizzie admits that her scallops were old and they wouldn't sear. Tom and Wolfgang start to critique her and Lizzie covers her face and says that she knows they were horrible. Quite a difference from how John reacts.

Padma says that John and Lizzie will get one more chance to save themselves. Padma shows them the final video player with the memorable moment from this season, and after watching it, they'll have a cookoff to determine who stays. They watch the clip, and learn that they have to make a healthier version of CJ's burger with pickles.

Josh, Brooke, and Kristen return to the Stew Room and tell everyone what happened. Stefan is just happy to hear that he's not in the bottom, and Brooke says that John just made excuses the entire time.

John and Lizzie start cooking. Lizzie asks John immediately for some of his pickles, and John agrees to share. John interviews that he doesn't think it's even fair that he has to do this cookoff, because his dish was bad due to equipment and Lizzie's was bad due to...poor judgment at the store? It's not like hers was bad because she doesn't know how to cook scallops. And regardless, there was always going to be a cookoff between the bottom two, and John's dish may not have been the worst, but it was the second worst. As they cook, Lizzie realizes that John used all of the dill she grabbed. He thought she agreed to share, and apparently share to him means, "I will use it all and you will use none." They have a hard time sharing the kitchen, as John keeps leaving the oven open. John thinks he's the more magnanimous here because he shared the pickles, instead of just hoarding the entire jar. He's such a dick. Who would do that? Ugh.

Time to serve! John cooked a lamb burger with fried eggs and spicy pickle, tomato, and pomegranate salad. Chris asks why he put a fried egg on a dish that's supposed to be healthy, and Wolfgang thinks his burger is a little dry, but they do love the salad that comes with it. Lizzie cooked a chicken burger with goat cheese ricotta and dill pickle roasted red pepper salad. Lizzie admits that she used white meat, and Wolfgang is surprised that it's so moist. Chris likes the salad and the ricotta, although he thinks it needs a bit more salt. Tom admits that he can't find much to criticize in either dish, so it's going to be a tough decision.

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