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But a decision will have to be made! I really like Lizzie and I want her to stay. Chris says that he though Lizzie's burger was better. Wolfgang found John's non-burger elements to be better, but Lizzie's actual burger was better so he's voting for her. Tom says that they both had good side dishes, but looking at the actual patty, Lizzie's was better. Padma agrees, so John's out, out, out. Hooray!!!!! John interviews that he got the shaft, and he's not bitter, but it's bullshit. He's bitter. If he was so superior to everyone else in the competition, why didn't he win every week? John interviews that he could have been a really big dick. Could have been? John claims that he could have just kept all the pickles and he would have won. Yes, the judges wouldn't have noticed that you were being an asshole and they would have punished Lizzie. He still doesn't get that it's about the food, not the rules of the competition. God, I'm so glad he's gone. Please don't let him win Last Chance Kitchen.

If you don't want to know about Last Chance Kitchen, stop reading now.

In Last Chance Kitchen, CJ and John had to cook anything they wanted, but their pots and pans were yard sale finds. Ha. I love how they stuck it to John one last time. Thankfully, CJ's scallop in dashi edged out John's lobster and corn veloute, so CJ continues on. Yay!

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