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Porks and Knives

Justin likes being the local guy sometimes, but he actually grew up in Dana Point, California, so he's doing a pork breast taco. That will not jive with Carlos, who is the Mexican food guy. Carlos is also doing tacos. Teamwork, y'all, teamwork.

Finally, the pig is cut up and the chefs dart into Whole Foods for ingredients that don't look like they were alive that morning. Louis is doing popcorn. Yay, popcorn -- nobody gives a shit about kernels. Travis is making a pork ramen, wanting to play it safe by not making his own noodles. This stands out as a highlight and potential mistake.

That night, the guest judges and Boucherie masters cook for the chefs in their house. The pig is not there, physically, just in spirit and pieces. The chefs dig in to a bounty of food. I guess you could say they pigged out. Oh wait, Padma already made that pun.

It surfaces that Carlos and Justin are doing tacos/taquitos. It is edited as a potential competitive moment, but I don't think anyone actually cares about it.

The chefs wake up early and it doesn't bother Nick. Good for him. They arrive at the Bayou Barn, which is another outdoor cooking space. There's a wide variety of cooking options, but many of them are novel or unfamiliar. Justin is familiar with everything, of course, including this giant blowtorch cooker, but he acts like a real dick about the grill because he built the fire. Don't be a fire hog, Justin… just get the hog on the fire! Please hire me, Top Chef, I can make good pig puns.

Nina tells Justin to suck a dick, straight up. He is getting a little overprotective about that fire. Meanwhile, Stephanie spots an alligator in the trees and the Top Chef elimination sound effect plays. It's not actually a big deal, though, and Stephanie continues cooking her braised pork belly with crispy pig skin. Aww, crispy pig skin. Why.

Louis is surprised that, through this community-driven Boucherie, he has made lots of friends. He was not here to make friends initially, but it totally happened. A casual Tom Colicchio stops by with Donald Link. Shirley tells Tom the Chinese word for "killing a pig." Oops, we mean butchering, but do we? It's killing a pig, straight up. Travis makes up "Casian," a mix of Cajun and Asian cuisine. Nina is working on a ragu and second-guessing herself. Tom tells Donald Link that someone could really fuck up and make their jobs easier on this challenge.

Speaking of mistakes, Justin, keeper of the fire, let his flames get out of control. I'm pretty sure that alligator even caught on fire and he nearly burned down the Bayou Barn. The other chefs are glad, at this point, that their dishes were not on Justin's fire, which has caused his pork to over-cook. Toward the end of prep time, Nina finds her dish lacking so she adds Cayenne pepper.

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