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Porks and Knives

Justin, Louis and Stephanie are called up next for some bad news. Justin is surprised to be there because he felt good about his dish, even in spite of that Jean-Grey-becoming-the-Phoenix-level fire. Padma tells Justin his dish was dry. Justin shrugs. Stephanie's pork was over-worked and all the flavor ended up in the broth. Still, the dish was not complex enough. Louis had good meat, but confusing popcorn. So, who committed the greatest sin? If Justin is not eliminated, I hope being in the bottom at least feels like a swift kick to the trotters.

The viewers think Stephanie should go home, but they don't know. I wish both Dr. Johns were here. Louis is sent home to pack his knives. The popcorn was just not right. I hope he's glad he made friends.

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