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After the last elimination, Stefan is happy to get two more people out of the competition. Josh is bummed, because it was his first time meeting Hugh and his dish kind of sucked. Tyler knows that being on top one week doesn't mean anything because both Kuniko and Carla were on top one week and gone the next.

The cheftestants are awake at 3:45 AM for some reason. Is that their call time? Anyway, it's Stefan's birthday and he remembers that on his original season, multiple people got kicked off on their birthdays. He's hoping it doesn't happen again.

The cheftestants show up at Pike Place Market. That explains why they had to get up so early. Fans of Real World: Seattle (and I count myself as one of them) will remember this place as where the dudes throw fish, and David got a job there and that dude Justin dated Janet. Aw, now I want to watch that season again. Anyway, it's a huge open air market and an institution in Seattle. Padma greets the cheftestants and introduces them to Daisley Gordon, a well-known Seattle chef.

The Quickfire Challenge requires being divided into teams of two. I still can't figure out how Josh and John ended up together. I mean, they hate one another. Why would you ever partner up? Josie and Eliza are the last two standing, so they end up together by default. The challenge is to make breakfast on a stick in an hour. They get to use equipment from a product-placed equipment store, but they still have to build their own kitchen.

Time starts and everyone gets running. Danyele and Lizzie somehow end up behind everyone else and miss out on getting eggs or meat, so they decide to go with a European breakfast. Stefan and Brooke are paired up and they apparently know one another outside of the competition and get along. Various cheftestants head to the equipment store and start looking for the necessary equipment. They're literally fighting over it. Eliza interviews that she spent a summer following Widespread Panic around the country and selling vegan sushi out of the back of her van. Oh, lord -- of course she did. Micah and Kristen are working together because they're both young. I guess that's enough to make them a perfect culinary pair.

Josh proposes a breakfast taco and John hops onboard. He interviews that he's cooked brunch before, but he wants to make something that Josh feels comfortable with. Don't you love how John never says, "He came up with a good idea and I ran with it?" It's always, "Well, I could have come up with something better since I've cooked for a hundred years but I let the kid have his moment." What a dick. Stefan is worried about the number of people they have to serve: fifty. Meanwhile, Bart and his Panini maker fall on the brick walkway and Bart prays that he didn't just bust their equipment, since they don't have a backup.

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