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Tyler and CJ are making salmon, wrapped in a crepe, with an arugula salad. Not my idea of breakfast food, but whatever. Tyler seems to be along for the ride and just does whatever CJ tells him to. Josie and Eliza seem to be clashing. Mostly, Eliza tries things and Josie isn't willing to compromise her vision one bit to accommodate Eliza's expertise.

With ten minutes left, people start tasting their food and making adjustments. Bart and Sheldon realize that their Panini press is dead, but they hope the remaining heat will cook their food. I tried that philosophy when making over easy eggs yesterday; it didn't really work. I turned off the heat when I flipped the egg and hoped it would end up with a perfectly done egg. Instead, it didn't cook enough for my tastes, so I had to turn the heat back on and then they were too hard. Sigh. Anyway, Lizzie is worried that the fruit dish she made with Danyele isn't substantial enough compared to the other dishes.

The diners come in and start eating. First up is John and Josh, who made chiliquiles, which is a tortilla, salsa, quail egg and avocado-heirloom tomato relish. How is avocado/tomato relish that different from salsa? Why do you need both? Padma and Daisley like the flavors and seasoning. Eliza and Josie made a ricotta, raspberry and sausage pancake with jalapeƱo maple syrup. That sounds gross. Why do you need ricotta and raspberry and maple syrup? Are you serving a dish at IHOP? Both Padma and Daisley have trouble eating it without having it fall apart.

Micah and Kristen made a bacon and cinnamon waffle with pecan maple syrup and boysenberry and strawberry jam. Again, I wonder why you need jam and maple syrup. Are these people sugar fiends? It has melon on the stick too, which isn't mentioned in the official description. CJ and Tyler made a salmon and cream cheese crepe and I would love to tell you the rest but the Watch What Happens promo on the screen overlapped the description. I know that was arugula and tarragon also. Padma was amazed at how well it stayed together and then CJ yells out, "We really want this win!" Dude, take it down a notch. Too desperate. It's unappealing.

Bart and Sheldon made a green forest breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, pancetta, bacon and spinach. Now that's what I'm talking about. Sounds awesome. Daisley loves that they included spinach. Danyele and Lizzie made summer berries with crisp pancetta. Summer? Wasn't it just Thanksgiving last week? Ha ha, totally kidding. The judges like the berries. Stefan and Brooke made a croquet-monsieur: pressed ham and cheese sandwich with toasted fig.

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