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Time for the results! Daisley starts by naming which teams were disappointing. Danyele and Lizzie's dish wasn't enough of a meal, while Josie and Eliza's pancake/jam combo was too sweet and difficult to eat. On the other hand, Sheldon and Bart made a delicious bite that was easy to eat, and Josh and John had a great concept that was well-seasoned. So who's the winner? Sheldon and Bart. They get immunity in the next challenge.

And what is the Elimination Challenge? Padma talks about how the Pike Place market has many hand-crafted ingredients created by artisans. They will stay in the same teams of two (Eliza, Josh and Lizzie are all worried) and draw knives to learn what artisanal ingredient they must highlight in their dish this week. The people who made these ingredients will be eating the meal with the judges and it's all happening in only two hours. That's some bullshit. You are not going to get good food in that short of a timeframe. I mean, that's almost a Quickfire. The winning team gets ten grand.

CJ and Tyler have spicy dill pickles as their ingredients. CJ wants to make a pork burger and just slap the pickles on there. Tyler had an idea for some sort of oyster chowder with a pickle fritter, but he totally backs off since CJ has the experience. I think CJ better make one awesome burger if that's all he's serving.

John and Josh have truffle popcorn, and they're going to make pork and grits to go with it. I don't know WHAT you would make with popcorn, but I wouldn't think pork. Anyway, Josh is all for cooking the pork tenderloin whole, but John wants to slice off medallions and cook them that way. Seems like an easy way to get overcooked, rubbery pork, but what do I know? Josh agrees with me, but he also doesn't want to start drama with John, so he goes along.

Eliza and Josie acknowledge that they haven't worked well together thus far, but they need to set ego aside and get it done. Lizzie and Danyele taste their ingredient, coconut curry chocolate and Lizzie wants to make something that I can't understand due to her accent. Fish? Snapper? Anyway, it doesn't matter because Danyele insists that they need to make dessert. Hmm. I would think you could do some sort of chili or stew. Brooke and Stefan have rose petal jelly, which is sweet and floral. That sounds gross. I can't imagine eating roses. Blech.

Kristen and Micah have cheese curds, which Kristen explains is what is left over when the whey separates out. They're squeaky! And come in many flavors. Micah has a strong idea about making the curds three ways, so Kristen goes with it. Bart and Sheldon have salmon candy as their ingredients and Sheldon explains that it's like salmon bacon. Is it smoked? Is it cured? I don't get what it is.

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