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The artisan who makes the candied salmon liked the salmon mousse that Sheldon and Bart added, but Tom and Gail agree that there wasn't enough candied salmon on the plate and Hugh decides that the dish didn't really celebrate the core ingredient, which was the challenge.

The rest of the cheftestants are finishing and plating their dishes. Danyele is worried about making a tart since neither she nor Lizzie is a dessert chef. So why make dessert? I don't understand that choice at all. CJ is kind of worried about making an obvious dish -- a burger -- but he also can hear Tom saying, "CJ, what's wrong with a perfect burger, executed perfectly?" He does a pretty decent Colicchio impression. The only issue with this idea is that the burger has to be done PERFECTLY. Tyler is worried that they underthought this one and I wish he had voiced that to CJ, but he's letting CJ just boss him around. Josie is taking charge with Eliza and Eliza doesn't have much to do. And the little that Eliza did, Josie's not happy with. Time for their service!

Josie and Eliza had cardamom bitters and made curry cardamom broth with manila clams and seared white king salmon. Lizzie and Danyele had coconut curry chocolate and they made coconut curry chocolate mousse tart. CJ and Tyler had hot and spicy dill pickles and they made a pork crumpet burger with spicy dill pickles. It is the saddest plate of all time; it's a beige bun with a light brown burger, a sad piece of lettuce, some breaded pickles on top and two sad pickles on the side. I mean, I've seen better looking fast food burgers.

The dude who made the pickles suggests that CJ and Tyler should have made sliders. That actually makes sense, because then the pickles would have been a bigger component percentage-wise of the dish. Hugh thinks the bun is terrible and crumbly and Tom is mad that they couldn't think of anything more original than pickles on a burger. It's true; they really should have thought about using the pickles as an ingredient instead of just serving up the pickles, sliced.

Gail likes Eliza and Josie's broth, but thinks it's too salty. Except there's sand and pebbles in the broth. Someone didn't clean their clams! That's a really unfortunate thing for me to say about an all-female team, I know. Anyway, the salty and fishy flavors in the broth overpower the cardamom.

Padma asks the chocolate artisan how she thinks Danyele and Lizzie did with their tart and she says that they did a good job with the flavors, but she wishes they didn't add other chocolates. That's a good point; you have this hand-crafted chocolate and then you mix it in with some Hershey or some bullshit like that? Not a good idea and certainly doesn't highlight the artisanal ingredient. Gail thinks the flavors are overpowering.

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