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Cheese Curds for Life!

Overall, Gail thinks most of the chefs incorporated the flavor of the specific ingredients, but there wasn't much finesse. Tom is not as diplomatic and says that he doesn't have a favorite dish, because they were all pretty bad. The judges seem embarrassed to serve this food to the vendors and Padma even apologizes. The judges also don't want to award anyone ten grand.

The cheftestants sit back in the Stew Room, chatting. Tom walks in and says that they judges were really disappointed today and the food wasn't up to par because the dishes showed a lack of imagination and technique. So there won't be a winner in this challenge and no one gets the money. CJ looks stunned. Tom adds that they'll be sending an entire team home tomorrow, but they are doing Last Chance Kitchen, so that should encourage people to take risks because if they are eliminated, they will get a second chance. Everyone looks completely dispirited and depressed. Sheldon interviews that no one wants to put out bad food and that's what they did. CJ interviews that he's not even sure why he's doing the show again.

Back in their loft, Stefan opens a bottle of wine and says it's no wonder that so many chefs have drinking problems. John interviews that it's the worst plate of food he's put out in thirty years and Josh has been on the bottom before, so he pretty much blames Josh for their bad food. Um, wasn't it John's idea to cook the pork pre-sliced as tenderloins? And didn't John cook the grits? Fuck off, dude.

CJ says that if he goes home already, he'll feel like a huge loser. Brooke interviews that she misses her family terribly, but she's doing this for them. Josh is wearing a shirt that says "Bacon is Meat Candy" so he's THAT dude. Like isn't bacon celebration so 2010? Aren't we done with that now, Mr. Ironic Handlebar Moustache? Anyway, Tyler gets philosophical about how his time may be up and it's out of his hands at this point, and Josh gets PISSED at him for giving up and starts yelling at him and calls him a "fucking idiot." Tyler apologizes and Josh interviews that he hates that defeatist attitude. Tyler's right, though -- at this point, the decision is out of his hands so why not get mentally prepared to leave?

Weird interstitial. Stefan tries to explain Last Change Kitchen to the group, but they are a bunch of idiots and can't understand. Also, Josh thinks he's an arrogant asshole but likable, like Stefan. Dude, you are no Stefan.

The next morning, the cheftestants are all dreading facing the judges. Stefan is worried that the Birthday Curse is going to send him home. But they have to go face the judges, so off they go. As they're sitting in the Stew Room, Padma comes in and asks to see John and Josh, Stefan and Brooke, and CJ and Tyler. I would love to see John and Josh sent home, except you know John would claim that it's all Josh's fault.

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