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Back in the Stew Room, Tyler says that the judges "ripped us a fat, new one." John says that he knows he tells a lot of stories, but that was the most brutal critique he's ever had. CJ and Josh agree that the judges hated both of their dishes, so it's probably between those two teams as to who's going home.

The judges deliberate. Padma starts by saying all three teams knew something was wrong with their dish and didn't fix it. Eh, I don't know if CJ and Tyler knew anything was wrong with their dish. They seemed to like it. Tom points out that they all failed at basic cooking things. Gail is frightened that CJ and Tyler thought their burger was good, and he also doesn't like the mentality of people trying to make a dish that's not the worst instead of trying to make a dish that's the best. This happens every season, but usually not this early: the cheftestants get scared and start cooking for the middle instead of shooting for the top. And next, we'll get the story arc where someone decides to just cook their food. I have to say, I have no idea what any of these chef's POV is yet, except that Bart cooks classic French food and Sheldon is kind of pan-Asian.

Tom and Hugh agree that you can still cook pork medallions well so that wasn't really the issue. Gail thinks Josh and John both compromised too much. Padma thinks the worst thing they ate today was John's grits, but the second worst was Stefan's cabbage. Tom can't believe Stefan couldn't fix it before sending it out and Hugh thought it tasted like eating someone's grandmother. Ha, and yikes! Hugh thinks the worst dish was the burger, but Tom hated the pork the most and Padma hated the duck. So it's all up to Gail! That must have been some seriously bad food, because usually the judges can at least come to a consensus about which dish was the worst.

The bottom three teams are brought back out to find out which of them is going home. Tom tells them that this decision wasn't unanimous, but it was a majority decision. And then Padma sends home CJ and Tyler. CJ interviews that he's mortified that he got kicked off this early and he doesn't feel like he was judged fairly. CJ, I hope this improves your cocky attitude because that has been kind of the worst part of seeing you back. I always loved your goofiness, but the cockiness this season killed it. The other cheftestants think that CJ will come back or Kuniko. Tyler interviews that his goals were to be himself and stay sober, and he did both of those things.

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