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Carlos is excited to cook Mexican food "finally" (again). He's making braised pork belly, one of the first dishes he created when he opened his restaurant. Will these dishes have enough soul, though? Did Roy Choi change his flight to find out?

The chefs arrive at Café Reconcile and Nicholas is already hopped up on adrenaline. He storms in, shouting about "no one move my three pots," and he sees that Carlos maybe moved one so he repeats, "I said don't move my pots. If someone moves my pot again they're gonna have a problem. These are my three pots. Do not move my fucking pots. I said do not move my pots; do not move my fucking pots, you understand me?" Hahaha, what a maniac.

Carlos is either oblivious, doesn't care, or both. The chefs get to work on their personal turning point dishes. Nina struggles with her homemade pasta because the kitchen is too hot and her pasta is breaking and sticking. It's "make it work" time. Shirley's crispy skin snapper with a crustacean broth is something new to show off her newfound voice from this show. Isn't that nice that she's at a point where she can really cook whatever she wants? Nina changes her dish to fettuccine with calamari because the heat is destroying her larger pasta.

Tom and Jon Favreau walk into the kitchen, just to add two more big dudes into the mix. Tom notices the kitchen is hot, but everyone is determined to take the heat. Brian is working on a Korean barbeque sauce inspired by a chef he's been working under in L.A. Nina looks to Jon Favreau for his inspirational speech from "Rudy" because she is really struggling. He does not supply any lines or gimmicks.

Nicholas and his three pots and his five carrot dishes fuck up the quinoa. He blames the oven temperature at 500 on someone else, but the camera caught him putting his quinoa in the oven at 500. Great, now he has a lot of carrot and no texture. Shirley notes that she would never use boneless, skinless chicken breast like Brian is doing.

Diners, at-risk youths, and the judges sit down at Café Reconcile and Emeril tells Padma/everyone a little more about this charity. Over 2000 kids have graduated the program, and a couple of them are even working for Emeril. In what capacity, he does not say.

Today, the at-risk youths of Café Reconcile will be acting as servers. One of them puts her thumb in Tom's soup.

Shirley presents her dish first. She says her inspiration was being on Top Chef, like a total suck-up. Her dish is seared snapper with a crustacean broth, silken tofu and cabbage. The judges love this dish and agree the fish is cooked perfectly. Gail claims to be drooling on herself.

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