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Nicholas admits that he had a few hiccups like that stupid hot oven. Padma asks him what happened and at least he doesn't try to cry sabotage. Tom points out that Nicholas keeps having these mishaps. His dish is clearly one of the bottom two. As they leave, Emeril whispers, "Nicholas was pissed off," with a grin on his face.

In the privacy of their chambers, the judges praise Shirley and Carlos, and also have nice things to say about Nina's dish. Padma tries to say something positive about Brian's dish, but Tom can't see past that damn chicken. Emeril pipes in about his raw potato. They try to be understanding of Nicholas's hard day in the kitchen, but I feel like they've already soured on him because of the last challenge, when he should have gone home.

The chefs return, and Shirley is awarded the win. She, Carlos, and Nina are safe. To my shock, and that of the viewers and Nicholas, Brian is sent packing. Tom and Emeril hope this makes Nicholas realize he's been given a second chance. It's like they know he's the villain.

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