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The Theft of the Pea Purée
avor, maybe watermelon wasn't the best choice. Kelly is really upset about being in the bottom, and really takes to heart the "flavorless" critique, which was delivered by a dude who's not even a food critic, so whatever. She vows to use big and bold flavors in the next challenge.

So who did well? Kevin, Angelo, and Stephen. I still think Angelo's was a cheat, and Rep. Schock only liked Stephen's because he had a lot of food on it. He doesn't mention flavors or anything. And the winner is...Angelo. Boo. I mean, there are a lot of people who should leave before Angelo does, so it's fine, but I don't want anything else to add to his cockiness. Kevin interviews that he thinks Angelo does the same thing over and over again and honestly comes off as a little bitter about it. Soon Kevin will have to have the Top Chef epiphany where he vows to make his own food and not worry about the other cheftestants.

Elimination Challenge: Serve a "power lunch" at the Palm DC. This got me to thinking -- what's different about the power lunch than just a regular lunch? Well, a power lunch is probably a lot heavier. You don't eat a chicken salad sandwich at a power lunch. And the beverages are probably alcoholic. I think Roger Sterling had a lot of power lunches on Mad Men. Kelly has dined at the Palm before with her family, and she remembers eating giant lobsters.

Padma gives the details: they will be serving twenty-four diners, and will draw knives to determine which protein they will prepare: salmon, lamb chops, swordfish, lobster, or Porterhouse steak. Regardless of which protein they have, the cheftestants will be competing against the entire group, not just the person with the same protein.

Alex gets salmon, and he interviews that his head is spinning with possibility. Tiffany gets swordfish, and she has a recipe from her restaurant that she's been dying to use and thinks it's time to pull it out. As they shop, Stephen explains that he used to work in a restaurant in downtown San Francisco, which did a lot of power lunches. San Francisco? I thought he was the corn fed boy from the Midwest! This new information is messing up the one-dimensional portrait of Stephen spun by the show thus far! Stephen is convinced that this is going to be his challenge. Does Stephen ever not think this is his challenge? Or I should say, does Stephen have an overabundance of confidence each and every time, or is it just me? For a dude who has been in the bottom more often than not, he seems to always think he's got it in the bag. I kind of admire that, but it also makes him come off as somewhat simple-minded.

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