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Finally, the play-in round is over and the real competition can begin. The play-in round was a good idea in terms of getting rid of some of the obvious dead weight; chefs that may have done good audition tapes but couldn't hack it in the time-pressured environment of the show. At least now we don't have to waste that first few rounds knowing who is obviously going home because they didn't plate their food or whatever. That said, I don't know that it needed to be two weeks. It wasn't enough time to get to know everyone anyway, so they might as well have zipped through it in one week and not even try to let us get to know anyone. That's my take, but when I'm not recapping a show, it always takes me like half the season to even start remembering people's names, so maybe I'm off track.

The cheftestants are living in their house in San Antonio, which looks really beautiful and pleasant. I've been to Dallas and Austin, but that's it for me and Texas, and I'd like to try San Antonio sometime. Anyway, enough of my travel career. Beverly has printed out a sheet of paper that says, "Congratulations Beverly Kim Clark!!!!! You have won Top Chef Season 9 and $125,000!!!!!" Even if I believed in that crap, she gets points deducted for excessive exclamation points. When I was trying to get pregnant, my doctor was all into vision boards and positive thinking and visualization. I wanted to get knocked up just so I didn't have to talk about it anymore. I also wanted to ask him if his vision board is what got him his amazing lake house and new boat, but I thought that would be crass, so I kept it to myself. Anyway, Beverly is already bugging me for that reason alone.

Keith is wearing shades indoors this morning, which is interesting. In case you forgot, Keith is an ex-con, so that's his storyline. Chris Moto (who's actually named Chris Jones but there are two guys named Chris and it's easier for me to remember Chris Moto) says that he's happy to have his buddy Richie Moto there with him, because he's realizing that his competition is really impressive.

Time for the Quickfire! The cheftestants enter the kitchen and find Padma and some dude standing next to a giant aquarium full of snakes. No, thank you. There is also a small wooden box at each of their stations. And then a snake pops out! Not really, but they should have done at least one of them with the fake snakes in a can thing. Maybe at Beverly's station. Padma congratulates them for making it on the show, and Grayson interviews that she was the last person to make it past the bubble round, so winning the first Quickfire would redeem her, she feels.

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