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Corn or Flour?

Back in the Stew Room, the bottom four report that the judges' critiques were harsh (not really) and that they said that if Dakota didn't have immunity, she'd be in there for her cake. Keith once again mentions that no one told him about the flour tortillas. He has a point in that it was a team challenge, but he shouldn't have to rely on other people to save his dish either. It would have been nice of someone to mention it to him, but that doesn't excuse his mistake. Same with the shrimp, for that matter. Someone should have told him not to buy it, but ultimately it's his own fault because he should have known better.

Back to the judges. Padma thinks the whole thing was a mess and each of them deserves to go home for one reason or another. Tom runs down the list of credentials each has, which are impressive, noting that not one of them is a bad chef. After listening to them bicker, Padma is surprised they put out any food at all. The judges are annoyed that they spent so much time floundering because they could have put that time into making better food.

The judges discuss Keith's enchilada. Johnny points out a few ways he could have made it more refined, but serving it sliced and putting something else on top besides melted cheese. It's true - his enchilada looks like the one I get at the hole-in-the-wall Mexican place. It's good, but I don't go there looking for upscale, and I would be disappointed if that's what I got at an upscale place. Hugh raises concerns that Keith doesn't know enough to avoid pre-cooked shrimp and doesn't understand what an enchilada is - is he really Top Chef material? They weren't impressed with Lindsay and Sarah's dish, because it lacked the requisite spices and flavors, and they're really surprised that Lindsay specifically didn't nail it. And as for Ty-Lor, they're disappointed that he couldn't pull something better off, even if he did have a short time frame. It was dry, too large, and flavorless. Like Finn on Glee. The judges agree on who's going home, and call the bottom four back in.

Once the cheftestants are back, Tom tells them that they seemed scattered and suffered from lack of leadership. Sarah should have suggested corn tortillas to Keith, and her dish wasn't great. Lindsay had the most experience with Mexican food, and yet her dish tasted inauthentic. Ty had a dry fritter. Keith has to take responsibility for his soggy enchilada. So who's going home? Padma tells Keith to pack his knives and go. On first viewing, I was really sad about this, but watching the episode more closely, he definitely had to be the one to go. Although I am still curious about what happened with Whitney.

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