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Corn or Flour?

Paul made BBQ rattlesnake with peaches, fried peanuts, and southeast Asian spices. I don't know about the peaches and BBQ but I guess it could work. Dakota made beer-battered tempura rattlesnake. Look, you put just about anything in a tempura batter and deep fry it, it's going to taste good. At least she added zucchini almond gazpacho, so there was some finesse to it. Keith made sweet corn rattlesnake griddle cake and beer-battered rattlesnake crudite. His dipping sauce is a tequila poblano queso fondue. In other words, cheese sauce with hot peppers. Padma really likes it. Nyesha made rattlesnake braised with tequila, citrus, and jalapeno.

Whew! Lots more to get through. Chuy made adobo-seasoned rattlesnake with pasilla balsamic BBQ sauce. It kind of looks like a steak. Richie made grilled jerk-seasoned rattlesnake with roasted corn. Oh, wait. That's it? I forgot that during the Quickfire, they don't always show everyone's dishes in this early round. Frankly, I'm not sure why they showed as many as they did.

Time for judging! Johnny, what did you think? He lays out his least favorites first. Paul had good color and technique, but the rattlesnake was lost in the dish. Richie's citrus flavors were too strong and he couldn't taste the rattlesnake. Nyesha overcooked the rattlesnake. And the favorites were: Beverly, who made an elegant dish and the rattlesnake was cooked well (so chewy was okay!), Dakota, whose dish was a good nod to Texas, and Sarah, whose dish was executed well and she showcased the rattlesnake well. And the winner of five grand and immunity is... Dakota! Aw, if only Beverly had put seven to ten more exclamation points in her sign!

Dakota doesn't have much time to bask in her victory as it's immediately time for the Elimination Challenge! The cheftestants draw knives that are either pink or green, and this divides them into two teams. Padma says they will be cooking for a very important event tomorrow, and there will be a winning team and a losing team. Someone from the losing team will go home. Shit just got REAL! Not really. It got real for these people in the play-in round, probably.

Padma introduces them to their client: a young girl named Blanca Flores. After letting them puzzle it out for a moment, Padma explains that tomorrow is Blanca's quinceanera. Chuy, resident Mexican, knows exactly what that is: a party for a fifteen-year-old girl that symbolizes her entrance into adulthood. Johnny and Padma explain that the judges and over a hundred guests will be expecting elegant Mexican cuisine, and that should include "a fabulous cake." They have thirty minutes to meet with Blanca and plan their menus.

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