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Corn or Flour?

Blanca meets with the Green Team (Chris Moto, Richie, Paul, Grayson, Edward, Beverly, and Chuy) first. Chuy ascertains that the food should not be incredibly spicy, but it should have the flavor of chile. Paul asks if she likes ceviche (she does) and Edward asks if she likes boys. Huh? That seemed out of left field. All I can guess is that everyone was rapid fire asking her if she liked this or that and he decided to break things up a little. Michelle asks if tres leches cake is her favorite, and Blanca says it is. We find out via an interview that Michelle started out as a pastry chef, so she's like a secret weapon for their team. Of course, we don't know if she was a GOOD pastry chef. Blanca adds that she wants goat, and Chuy is psyched because that's his best dish. His grandfather taught him to slaughter and cook goat. Did he grow up in 1880? Is he a time traveler?

Blanca moves over to meet with the Pink team (Lindsay, Keith, Whitney, Chris Hollywood, Sarah, Nyesha, Ty-Lor). Blanca tells Lindsay that her favorite Mexican dish is conchinita pibil. Lindsay interviews that she lived in Mexico for three years when she went with Michelle Bernstein to open a restaurant, and conchinita pibil was the first dish she fell in love with. So that's awesome for her, because she obviously knows how to cook it really well. Right? Nyesha asks about family dishes, and Blanca tells her about cabbage leaves with mincemeat inside and a consommé. Is that all one dish? Because that sounds weird. Like are the cabbage leaves with mincemeat inside the soup like a ravioli or something? Dunno.

Both teams confer briefly about what they will cook. Michelle seems to be taking the lead on the Green Team and Lindsey is doing it for Pink. They head to the store.

The teams split up with half going to Whole Foods and half going to a local Mexican market. Team Green seems to be communicating well and gathering ingredients quickly. Team Pink is in trouble because Lindsay tells us that they didn't really have a plan before hitting the store. Lindsay (at Whole Foods) and Nyesha (at the Mexican market) talk over the phone to determine which place has the better price for shrimp. The Mexican market is a dollar cheaper per pound, so Lindsay tells Nyesha to get it there, but make sure it's nice. At the seafood/meat counter, everyone is kind of talking amongst themselves and Keith says to the group that the shrimp is going to be cooked. Nyesha and Chris Hollywood both seem to think that's okay, although they might both be distracted with getting their own food too. Ty-Lor is standing there; even if he didn't hear Keith ask the question, he saw the shrimp in the shopping cart so he's on the hook too. Cooked shrimp is a horrible idea. How many times have people gone home on this show for food that wasn't cooked properly? And when you get the food pre-cooked, first you don't get to show your culinary expertise, and second, you are ceding control of how the shrimp is cooked. MAYBE, if you were mincing it up really small and making a paste or something out of it, I could see pre-cooked. But shrimp cooks in minutes so it's not like they will save a ton of time by using it either. It's a bad, bad idea and everyone who agreed to it is dumb or evil.

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