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Corn or Flour?

Dakota is making the cake for the Pink team, and she plans to use the recipe from a box (but not a mix presumably, since we see her buying flour). She has immunity so they all probably figured it was safest to stick her with the cake in case it's terrible. Beverly runs up to the meat counter and starts yelling about how her dish is the most important dish there and she knows everyone else has important things to do too but they can suck it. She doesn't say that last part, but that was really obnoxious. Although maybe she was being ignored and we just saw her last gasp. I don't know. I need a sign to explain it. With lots of exclamation points. After agreeing to the cooked shrimp, Ty-Lor also picks up some store-bought tortillas. They weren't even made fresh in the store; they're just packaged tortillas like you'd buy at any supermarket. Lindsay doesn't even blink when he says he's going to buy them. Shouldn't she know how to make a tortilla? Given her work with Michelle Bernstein? The shopping is done and everyone leaves their respective stores.

And it's back to the kitchen to start prep. The Pink Team finally figures out who's making what, and they are making a LOT of different dishes. Sarah and Lindsay, who are suddenly BFFs, head to the coolers to check out the shrimp, and discover that they are pre-cooked. Lindsay is really upset, and Sarah asks Chris Hollywood why they bought them pre-cooked. He totally throws Keith under the bus. Asshole. Sarah keeps asking Chris Hollywood what happened, and Chris says that Keith wouldn't let anyone else have a say in the shrimp, which is totally not what we saw happen. Now it could be editing, but it also could be that Chris Hollywood is an asshole. The season will show which is the case.

Lindsay finally goes to the source and asks Keith what he was thinking and Keith says that he didn't know how she was going to use the shrimp so he didn't think it would be a problem. That's a terrible excuse. I seriously cannot imagine a scenario where a professional chef would use pre-cooked shrimp in a cooking competition. Keith interviews that his decision might have been shaky, but one of the other chefs standing there should have said something. Lindsay and Sarah are being all mean girls, conferring in the corner and making snarky remarks, and now Keith feels like an asshole. Yes, he made a mistake but it wasn't done with malicious intent and Lindsay and Sarah are now on my list of assholes.

As time winds down, the Green Team brings their food to Chuy so that he can sample the sauces and seasoning and make sure it tastes authentically Mexican. As Tom pointed out in his blog, Mexico is a big country and has a huge variety of flavor palettes throughout. That said, it makes sense to have your team's food all taste similar, so you're not having one dish that doesn't fit with the others. Michelle is really concerned about finishing her cake; unlike Dakota on the other team, she doesn't have immunity. Time for prep is up and everyone heads home for the day.

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