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Corn or Flour?

Team Pink meets back at the house to talk about their service and execution. Keith has an idea about serving something, and Sarah just kind of goes, "Yeah, yeah." Keith says that it's supposed to be a team, so he's looking for feedback on his idea, not just someone to rubber stamp it now and then let him take the fall for it later. Keith seems really down in the dumps after the shrimp-saster today.

The next day, the cheftestants rush into the kitchen at the party hall or restaurant or wherever they are, ready to cook. Green Team seems on point; they each know what they need to do and start doing it. Pink Team still has some residual tension from yesterday. Lindsay and Keith discuss how the pork should be sliced, and then Lindsay immediately runs over and tells Sarah what they're doing and that Keith screwed it up. Look, I get feeling like you're the most competent one on the team; I've certainly had that experience, where you feel like you're the only one who knows what to do. But as I've gotten older, I've realized that I'm usually wrong about that, and I need to stop being a control freak and let other people handle it, and it usually turns out fine. Lindsay and Sarah seem like control freaks, and they've found one another, and they're feeding off one another, and it's not good. It's not good because it's not fair to Keith, for one, but also the rest of the team is picking up on the tension (or so Nyesha says).

As time winds down, Michelle is trying to assemble her three-tiered cake, but it's really hot in the kitchen and presumably the frosting is melting and her cake starts leaning dangerously to one side. She pounds in some dowels to try to keep it upright. Everyone pitches in on Team Green to get their plates ready, and the chefs who are serving on the line take their places as the guests and judges begin to arrive.

Eighty-five shots of atmosphere later, Blanca is introduced and a mariachi band plays her in. Lindsay tells Sarah that she hopes the tortillas don't taste artificial. Maybe taste them and see? Blanca greets the judges and introduces her parents, and then says she's really looking forward to the food.

We start with passed appetizers. For the Pink Team, Ty-Lor made fire roasted summer fritter with avocado mousse. Blanca thinks the avocado doesn't add anything, and Tom adds that it's pretty dry. Hugh caps it off by calling it a hush puppy. Yeah, I'm obviously not from the South but I've never understood the glamour of the hush puppy. They are pretty bland. Keith and Lindsay made pork tenderloin huarache with pineapple salsa. The judges like the pork flavor, but Padma notes that, when she took a bite, the entire piece of pork was dragged into her mouth. So the pork WAS either too thick or not tender enough. Johnny notes that the team is struggling with both execution and presentation. Not good.

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