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Corn or Flour?

Tom likes Chris's empanadas, especially the dough, which was nice and light. Hugh enjoyed the flavors in Edward's gazpacho, although the pork rinds on top didn't seem necessary. Tom likes Chuy's goat, but no one can figure out why he added the cabbage. Well, as Chuy said, Blanca requested it. Well, she actually requested her grandmother's dish, and no one said Chuy had to make it, so I guess the judges are right. If he couldn't execute, he should have skipped it. The judges like Beverly's dish, and especially appreciate that they griddled the tortilla. Tom is disappointed in Grayson's dish, especially the mole, which they feel has too much cinnamon. Blanca agrees.

Overall, Tom thinks that everyone did a nice job, but Padma points out that they haven't had the cake yet. Dakota feels like she really listened to what Blanca asked for, and has created a colorful cake with strawberry and pineapple flavors. Michelle's cake is all kinds of lopsided and looks like a melted marshmallow. Everyone jokes about how it's leaning, and then there's a shot of the judges staring at it, puzzled and a little disturbed. Eh, as long as it tastes good, who cares?

After Blanca blows out candles on each cake, it's time for tasting. First they try Dakota's strawberry and pineapple layer cake. Blanca likes the filling but thinks it has too much frosting. Yes, it does. There's like an inch of hot pink frosting on that thing. Michelle made vanilla tres leches cake, which Blanca likes better, even if it was sloppy. Padma wishes Blanca a happy birthday, and then Blanca does a traditional dance with her dad. Beverly is crying. She's kind of a mess, isn't she? Maybe she should make a sign about making her dad proud or something.

Tom gathers everyone together and says that both teams did some good dishes, but one team pushed it a little further and made more authentic dishes. And that was the Green Team. They celebrate, and then Padma tells the Pink Team they'll see them at judges' table. Keith is anxious about going in front of the judges because he knows the shrimp thing will come up. As it should.

As they wait in the Stew Room, the cheftestants on the Pink Team talk about what's going to go down. Sarah asks if anyone didn't do as much work as the others, and without naming names, Keith says that he knows what she's thinking but they all agreed on what each person was going to do, and each person did his or her job. Okay, here's what I don't get: there is a cheftestant named Whitney on the Pink Team. And as far as I can tell, she didn't make a dish. Perhaps she helped with another dish, but when they were serving, her name never came up. What did she do? I find this very odd. I forgot she was even on the show until she showed up in a shot of the Pink Team as Padma told them they were headed to Judges' Table. So maybe that's who they were talking about? Sarah interviews that she's worried, since she took a leadership role, that she's going down with the ship.

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