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Corn or Flour?

Sarah tells Keith that she doesn't know how they ended up with pre-cooked shrimp, and Keith tells her to be careful about making excuses. Padma walks in and asks to see Ty-Lor, Sarah, Lindsay, and Keith. Once they arrive in front of the judges, Padma tells them that they made the least favorite dishes today. Tom tells them that they didn't do a bad job, but the other team did better. Padma adds that the cake on the Green Team was also better, but Dakota has immunity or else she would be there with them.

Padma asks Sarah to talk about what went wrong, and Sarah says that they didn't use their thirty-minute meal planning wisely, and Lindsay adds that no one stepped up to be the leader, so they should have assigned someone at that point. Hugh thinks that's a load of crap, as they've all worked in restaurants and are used to leading. Sarah starts listing off the dishes everyone planned to do, including Lindsay's shrimp cocktail. Oh, that was a devious way to get that information out there; I don't doubt for a minute that she knew exactly what she was doing. Tom points out that they didn't see any shrimp cocktail and Sarah says Lindsay decided against it because of the pre-cooked shrimp. Hugh is like, "What fool bought that?" Keith steps up and says he was thinking about price and saving time and made a mistake. Tom asks if he was shopping alone, and Keith says that he had a team with him. Hugh still thinks it was a dumb thing to do.

Tom wants to know what Lindsay did when she realized she couldn't make the shrimp and it turns out that she didn't actually do anything; Ty-Lor made his fritter instead. Johnny points out that the fritter was really bland and Ty tries to say that it was a last-minute decision and he only had thirty minutes to make it. Really? Because Lindsay decided not to make the shrimp on the first day, so didn't he have longer than that? Tom points out that the short lead-time isn't what made the fritter dry, and Ty agrees.

Padma wants to talk about the conchinita pibil. Sarah and Lindsay talk about which components they each made, but Hugh addresses the real problems of the dish, which were the store-bought tortillas. Padma moves on to address Keith's enchiladas. Keith claims that he's never had corn tortillas with an enchilada, always flour. Sarah speaks up and says that she grew up in Texas and always used corn tortillas. Padma wonders why she didn't speak up and Sarah claims that she didn't want to be bossy. Okay, but if you see someone doing something that is neither authentic nor upscale, you could just say, "Hey, I've always had corn tortillas in my enchiladas and I think that's what the judges will expect. Have you considered it?" Then Keith is free to say he wants to use flour or not, and you move on. It's not like she can only say, "Use corn or else!" Her point is moot. Keith tells her that she loves to drive the bus and hit people, which may not be fair, but I think Keith is pretty frustrated with Sarah and Lindsay's mean girl bullshit. Keith tells the judges that he knows it's an individual competition but they were a team. Sarah defends herself by saying that Keith wasn't talking to anyone during prep. Well, we know that's not true; we saw him talking to Lindsay about the pork, for example. Keith confirms to Tom that if Sarah or Lindsay had suggested corn tortillas, he would have used them. Well, that's easy to say now.

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