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The Good, The Bad, The Ceviche

Chef Leah Chase dislikes Jason’s beet gumbo and tells him if he had made the beets into a borscht it would have been better. Jason says this is bullshit. Leah Chase also doesn’t like Michael’s and Patty’s dishes. Michael didn’t have enough time and Patty is just not on her game. Gosh, Leah Chase is so kind to all of them.

She likes Aaron’s shrimp gumbo, Carrie’s green gumbo and Shirley’s Asian gumbo. Justin, the local, didn’t make the cut. Carrie wins the first Quickfire and immunity for her green weirdness.

For the elimination challenge, Padma brings out acclaimed New Orleans chef Susan Spicer. Padma says New Orleans is constantly evolving, and part of that evolution is the food truck. It’s a stretch, but let’s get those chefs in some trucks, shall we? Shirley admits she owns a food truck, but couldn’t get the proper license. It’s a team challenge to feed Habitat for Humanity, who is continuing their rehabilitation of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The Habitat people don’t get a fancy four-course meal, but these food trucks will probably serve good stuff.

The chefs don’t draw knives -- they are just organized by Padma based on location. The teams run to their trucks to start planning and saying "ceviche" as much as possible so we can all get our drinking game started at home.

Brian, Carlos, Carrie, Travis and Aaron are the Yellow Team and their concept is a taco truck, plus ceviche and pie dough. The next team is Jason, and who else matters who isn’t Jason? It’s Patty, Nicholas and Bret, if anyone gives a fuck. Their theme is "surf" and they are the Blue Team. The mostly-ladies Green Team -- consisting of Louis, Sara, Shirley and Stephanie -- is doing Mediterranean. They are banking on Louis’s smile. The final team is the red team, consisting of Justin, Bene, Michael, Nina and Janine. The Red Team has a lot of ideas, but no one is hearing Bene’s pitches. Maybe he’s annoying already.

Patty is from Puerto Rico, just in case you didn’t hear her talking about it the first three or four times. They also have hurricanes in Puerto Rico, so Patty is excited to be helping the volunteers. I wonder if they’ll have to cook in the Superdome. Oh, by the way, the viewers eat at a food truck an average of two times per week! The more you know.

Just for fun, Michael is throwing a crayfish bar for all his competitors. New Orleans style. Jason tells the other chefs that he will be working the truck window since he has the looks. That will influence who gets the beads this round, they think. You know who is over Jason already? Nicholas. Nicholas is not impressed.

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