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The Good, The Bad, The Ceviche

The Green Team serves Padma and Susan last. Stephanie made crispy chickpeas, Sarah did a tuna burger, Shirley made a lamb salad, and Louis helped and made the amuse. The Green team’s menu seems the most refreshing, despite the critique from Padma and Susan. The volunteers love this food/everything. I guess I’m glad that no one tried to be a foodie dick and criticize the free food they were getting while volunteering out of the goodness of their hearts.

The chefs gather in the judging room (frying pan?) and the chefs watch from the holding area (prep room? Flour canister?). The judges like the Yellow Team and the Green Team, finding their menus balanced and appropriate. The Blue and Red Teams are on the bottom, of course. A few "odd" dishes from these teams, Tom and Gail agree.

The Yellow Team wins the challenge and are first to face the four judges. This is a big win for Aaron, who was in the bottom last time. And, of course, another validation for ceviche. In the end, the win goes to Carrie for her stunning, handmade empanadas. Carrie is killing it this round, and the viewers say she has a 70% chance of winning the season. A bold guess, viewers.

The Blue Team faces the judges next, and it turns out that it’s not a good thing that they didn’t run out of food. While Susan Spicer didn’t mind Nicholas’s shrimp dish, he is devastated when Tom says he couldn’t tell there was watermelon in it. Bret’s ceviche was weird and not as good as Carlos’s. Ceviches have to be cold, and the tostone was too hot. Jason doesn’t think he delivered on the hand rolls. They ask Jason why he sacrificed rolling to order for playing "front of house" and no one has a great answer for that because the honest answer is that he’s pretty and looks like a surfer, which is the theme of the truck, derrrr.

Patty’s food was "nothing special," but remember how she’s a home cook and lucky to even make it this far? In deliberation, Padma notes that none of the chefs were aware of how crappy a job they did. And of course, Tom gets on the chefs for putting Jason out front "because he looks like a surfer." In the holding area, Jason offers to punch himself in the head.

I hope to god that they keep Jason, because I want to see what he’ll do next. After reviewing each chef’s tactical errors, Padma sends Jason home. This is devastating news for Jason, who thought he would be in the Top Five at the very least. It is also bad news for me because I love a good, arrogant villain. Maybe Bene will turn on everyone.

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