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The chefs arrive in their restaurant spaces to find that there is no kitchen. Oh buh-rother! Nicholas has volunteered to be the executive chef on the purple team. It shall be an ego battle for the ages. Next, the chefs go to pick out furniture and flatware. The purple team wants colors of the ocean, because of their seafood theme. Justin is already being a complete dick, telling Carlos to focus on the plates and not what they're making, and that Sara doesn't understand. The purple team quietly delights in the green team's first public squabble.

The chefs head to Whole Foods and Restaurant Depot to pick up ingredients and wine and basically everything else. Ugh, those are the two most stressful places for someone who can't cook and doesn't know what they're doing. I'm sweating just walking them walk through all those aisles of bulk foods. Sara needs ring molds for her dessert but Restaurant Depot doesn't have any. Back at the Foundry, the chefs create kitchens.

The green team is calling their restaurant "Found." They plan to showcase everyone's different backgrounds in food. Justin is creating a rabbit dish, Carlos is doing red snapper, Nina is working on pork tenderloin, Shirley is doing some kind of fish and Sara is doing a spice cake.

The purple team is calling their restaurant "Restaurant Fin," which does not sound classy. Brian is doing a scallop crudo, Stephanie is doing oysters, Carrie is doing shrimp, Nick is doing some kind of crazy seafood, oxtail combination and Travis is doing a cake with no fish in it.

Sara is asking about her supplies and making sure things are taken care of and Justin says, "Let's just be positive and focus on cooking great food right now." He sucks. Nina is not having Justin's ego. Meanwhile, Brian picked up Xantham Gum instead of Agar Agar for his purple corn thing. I don't know what effect either of those would have on food.

Back at the house, the chefs go over service details and how they want the tickets to look, etc. The next day, Sara gives the wait staff of Found the rundown. Travis also knows the value of great service. In the kitchen, Justin is mad about bowls and not in a fabulous way. ("I'm simply mad about bowls, mama!") Justin could sink the whole team and they feel it.

Service begins and Travis welcomes guests to Fin. In the kitchen, Nicholas dryly says this is what he does every day of his life. "It's definitely a lot of pressure cooking for Chase Sapphire Preferred Diners," Justin sighs, as the assigned person to deliver that line. They have a passion for dining! So much pressure. The preferred diners are at Found, while the judges land at Fin.

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