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Double the Points, None of the Perks

Brian's purple corn gel with scallop crudo goes out first and the purple corn gel should probably not have gone on the plate. Stephanie notes that Nick is a great expediter and he should never change what he's doing. Meanwhile, at Found, the preferred diners had their menus taken away too soon. How will they relish the full dining experience and double the points with no menu? The wait staff is not filling the tickets out properly, and Sara walks away from a Preferred Diner before he's done speaking. Ohhhh shit.

The second course comes out at Fin: Carrie's sautéed gulf shrimp with a chickpea puree and Stephanie's linguini with caviar and oyster cream. Carrie's shrimp is overcooked and Stephanie's dish is tasty. Travis is giving great service, but he hasn't gotten that eleven-top of Preferred Diners yet.

Found is not doing well. The waiters are serving the wrong tables and Justin is exploding with chaotic fury. It's not even funny how poorly it's going for them. At Fin, Nicholas's drum and oxtail dish is hearty and good. Travis's olive oil cake comes out last with a much better gel but lacking in moisture.

Did Found just get the worst waiters or what? The Chase Sapphire cardholders are getting anxious as the judges show up. Padma checks in on the table and they're like, "Oh disgraceful!" as though they were getting half the points. The judges sit down and peruse the menu at Found, finding it better than Fin's. But service is far worse at Found, because Sara is busting ass bussing tables. Padma calls Sara over to check on the first course. Justin is like, "THERE'S NO TICKET, I CAN'T EVEN."

A stressed-out Sara drops off the appetizer and forgets to explain the dish. The judges guess that it might be Carlos's. It's a red snapper crudo and it gets crucified before the judges even taste it because they're upset. Justin's roasted parsnip is served on a flat plate and described as "so bad." Shirley pastes together her olive oil poached cobia on ong choy for the judges. Sara drops it off and Padma snipes, "Why don't you describe the dish?" It is going so, so poorly for Found. Shirley's dish tastes good at least.

The Chase Sapphire members arrive at Fin and sit down, agreeing that they're all "banking" on a better experience. Those dickheads. They won't get any points, because this meal is free. So the joke is on them.

"We're all dying a little bit," Gail says back at Found. Sara plops Nina's dish down in front of the judges and walks away yet again. Gail reads from the menu that it's pork tenderloin with sunchokes and mushrooms. The judges are not used to being treated like civilians. Nina's dish is tasty, but does it even matter anymore? Sara's dish is completely busted in the back, leaving it without its cream component. Prediction: Sara will cry in this episode.

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