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Sara presents her crappy dessert, explaining it without prompting. Gail calls it a weird, greasy cookie. The regular, non-VIP diners also hate the dessert. Speaking of VIP, the Sapphire Assholes are having a marvelous time over at Fin. Finally, for all our nerves, the night is over and the chefs head to the stew room to watch the monitors. Padma says it's clear one restaurant did a better job and one failed. Yeah, I'd say so.

Restaurant Fin faces the judges first, and it's no surprise that they are the victors this week. Padma says Travis did the best job at Front of House they've seen in all eleven seasons. Nicholas did a good job as the executive chef. The only thing that wasn't great was Brian's corn gel. How does one even know what a corn gel should taste like or what texture it should be? The judges award Nicholas with the win for the best dish and for successful shepherding of his team.

Found Restaurant finds themselves in front of the judges, who are none too pleased. Padma tells them it was a disaster and Sara says she doesn't see the disaster. Welp, she's going home. "So you didn't intend to explain any of the dishes to us," Padma scowls at Sara. Gail points out that Sara did explain her own dish. Nina volunteers that service didn't go well in the back either. Justin blames the servers being untrained and not knowing how to do the tickets. David Chang says the food is actually the biggest problem.

Carlos humbly apologizes for the cut of his fish, and Justin cuts back in with the problems with the tickets. Sara talks about the "verbal fire" of the judges' tickets and that was yet another poor judgment call. Nina's dish was good, as was Shirley's. Sara has a bad attitude by the time the judges get to grilling her. She has accepted defeat, I reckon. She retreats without crying.

Justin and Sara are in the hot seats, and they both think it will be them. Their dishes and attitudes sucked. Eventually, Tom says they both made egregious errors, but Sara is told to pack her knives and go. Sara goes down in flames, but without tears.

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