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Look, I have come to accept that Andy Cohen is going to host every reunion of a Bravo series. And he truly doesn't bug me as much as he once did; he's gotten more polished, perhaps from hosting his own show and getting more experience. But it still kind of bugs me that, with all the people trying to make it in this business, the network chooses someone on the executive side to host. Because you know he's never going to investigate or dig about something that might make the production or the network look bad. Then again, another host might, but it would get edited out, so there's no winning that one.

So Andy Cohen is hosting, and all of the cheftestants are there, including the ones you forgot existed, like Andrea. Or Jacqueline. The judges are also there: Gail, Padma, Tom, and Eric Ripert. I think Ripert was kind of a dud this season, don't you? I don't know why they even need a fourth judge. I mean, he wasn't annoying like some past judges have been, but he didn't add all that much in the judging segments that we saw. I think it's just so that Tom can have a little chef buddy to go to the market with from time to time. I guess Padma is technically not a judge, since they listed her as a "host," but she does have a say in who stays and goes from what we've seen.

Andy explains that tonight, they are going to reveal the cast of the next season, which will be an All-Star season, and it will start in December. That's awesome! If they get the cast right, this could be really good. I love All-Star seasons of reality shows. And so soon! Hooray!

Andy starts by congratulating Kevin, and talking about how surprised he was that Padma called his name as the winner. Angelo is wearing some horrific paisley shirt. It is SO BAD. How could he possibly have looked in the closet and thought, "People are used to seeing me in my chef whites, so this is my one chance to show off my personal style. Ah, yes. The cat puke colored paisley is PERFECT!" Tom says that Kevin won because his dishes were the best, as it is every season. Andy brings up the idea that having Michael Voltaggio as his sous chef might have pushed him over the edge, and Kevin doesn't deny it, but says that he could have won with Hung's help as well.

Andy moves on to tell Ed that he seemed disappointed that he get Ilan as his sous chef. Is that a question? Ed stammers, "Well, because I knew... all right, yeah." Everyone laughs and we see a flashback to Ed and Ilan clashing in the kitchen. Andy asks if Ed thinks that Ilan hurt him in the finale. Ed says Ilan didn't hurt him, and Gail pipes up and defends Ilan, reminding everyone that he won his season, and he knows how to cook. True, but he's clearly inferior to the other options for this finale. Come on, Gail.

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