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Let's look at Kevin's journey to the finale. He comes from a family of bakers, and he took his mother's death really hard. People noticed that he had a temper, and he kind of flew under the radar. Angelo praised Kevin's presentations, and he got praise from various judges. And then he won! And was shocked that Padma named him as the winner. Andy asks Kevin what he will do with the money, and Kevin says that he wants to use it as seed money for his own restaurant, and also buy a new house for his growing family.

Andy moves on to Angelo, pointing out that as an expert in Asian cuisine, he had to be the favorite going into this finale, and then he lost. So, what happened? Angelo says that Kevin cooked amazing food. Andy brings up how sick Angelo was, and it's nice that Angelo didn't immediately say that he might have won if he were well. Angelo admits that getting sick and having to cook while under the weather wasn't how he envisioned the season ending, but it happened, so there you go.

So, Kenny. Remember when everyone thought you were going to win? And then you went home? What was up with that? Kenny admits that he was shocked, but he thought the other team in Restaurant Wars made some good food. Andy puts the same question to the judges, and Tom says that it can happen to anyone. Wow, that was boring.

Random Viewer thinks that Tom is getting grumpier. Tom admits that early on, the food wasn't as good as it could have been, and it made him mad. He has to be away from home and family while shooting, so the payoff is good food. And, you know, his paycheck, which I'm sure is not small potatoes.

Random Viewer wants to know how Eric Ripert got so good looking. How is he supposed to answer that? Ripert says that people do tell him that sometimes, but his response is that looks don't help in the kitchen.

Andy follows up by asking Ripert why Tiffany went home when she did, and he admits that it was close, but Kevin's food was a hair better. Tiffany knows it. And hey! Tiffany got married since the show ended! Plus, if you remember, she won some prizes on the show that made her wedding and honeymoon even better. We get to see some home footage of Tiffany's wedding. It was in Costa Rica. I don't love her hair. That's about all I have to say about that.

So that leads us into the Ed/Tiffany question. After a clip package of their "relationship," everyone laughs. The only part I saw that looked even questionable was Ed making a comment to Tiffany that she might want to try the white guy. Aw, he was kidding. Can't men and women be friends? Tiffany says that her husband doesn't care, because she comes home to him. Ed's girlfriend sounds like she's not a huge fan of the flirtation, and I can't blame her, because if anyone was pushing for more in that friendship, it was Ed. I'd be a bit peeved.

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