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After the break, we get to see times that the cheftestants blamed one another for dishes gone wrong. This leads Andy to ask Amanda why she cooked with sherry in a kids' challenge. Amanda doesn't have a reason, but she says that it wasn't expensive. Amanda adds that the kids were really loud, and Padma wonders if it was due to all the sherry. ZING! I don't think Padma likes Amanda. Can't blame her. Then they talk about Arnold and Lynne blaming each other for their dish. Arnold tries to claim that they were mad at the situation, not one another, but I think he's being diplomatic. Then Andy brings up how pissy Andrea got when Michelle Bernstein was a judge, and Andrea is still pissy about it. The judges assure Andrea that Michelle was impartial as a judge. Andrea won't give up the real reason why she hates Michelle, and I don't really blame her for trying to rise above, but if she's going to take the high road, take the high road. Don't make these pissy faces and make little jabs but then says, "No, no, we're cool. Everything's fine. I don't want to talk about it." Lame. Andrea concludes by joking that Michelle stole her pea puree, and everyone laughs.

That gives Andy license to launch into Investigation: Pea Puree. He asks Alex straight out, "Did you really steal Ed's pea puree?" They show a clip package of the scandalous pea puree incident. If you thought you were sick of hearing the words "pea puree" during that episode, this clip package is a thousand times worse. Alex gets the chance to speak, but Ed steals his thunder by unveiling a T-shirt that says, "Where's my pea puree???" Alex finally speaks and says that he would never steal from anybody, and he made the pea puree as soon as he got to the restaurant. Amanda steps up and says that she saw Alex making it. Tiffany looks dubious, because Alex never defended himself. Alex explains that he never knew he was being accused of it. Ed still isn't sure what happened. Alex defends himself against Kenny's statement of it taking a long time to make a pea puree, which is a good point. You cook peas, you hit blend, it's done. As someone who has been making assloads of purees for my twins, I can attest that a one-ingredient puree does not take long, especially for something like peas, which don't take that long to cook. Kenny says that Alex didn't even have an idea of a dish the night before, and suddenly came up with the winning dish, and it seemed fishy. Kelly backs Alex up that he did buy peas. So he had the means and the motive to make pea puree.

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