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Amanda, who is not someone that you want on your side, because she comes off as a petulant child no matter what she says, claims that there is probably footage of Alex making the puree, but they didn't include it to make things more interesting. Colicchio assures her that he asked to look at all the footage the producers had, and there was no footage either way. Everyone agrees that they would show footage of Alex stealing if they had it, but Alex kind of doubts that they would show footage of him making his puree and then Ed mistakenly accusing him of stealing it. I have to agree with him, but I don't think they had any footage. It sounds like Alex made the puree first thing, and I'm sure the crew was busy getting establishing shots and sort of figuring out the storylines for the episode and making sure they had footage to support those, and then the pea puree thing popped up later, and they didn't have the footage to support it well. Just my guess. Then everyone has a good laugh about the time when Alex claimed he was going to get a hooker and an 8-ball with his winnings from the Quickfire. All is forgiven!

So, Tim. He fancied himself a bit of a ladies' man. He liked to sing around the house. Everyone loved him. Except Tiffany looked like she didn't appreciate his foolishness. And one time he said he'd love to drizzle some chocolate on Padma. After the clip package ended, Padma says that she's really flattered. Ouch. Dismissed.

Kenny and Angelo were both very confident. Some might say overly so, and cocky. Man, some of these clips are reminding me why I hated Angelo early on; he was crazy confident. He got better once he started losing a little bit. And Kenny had a lot of nicknames for himself. I'm surprised that he doesn't talk about himself in the third person. After some conversation about what cocky means, and Colicchio says that being a chef requires confidence. Andy gives Kenny a T-shirt that says "Beast in the Kitchen," and then Kenny shows off his tattoo that says "Beast Of the Kitchen." Guess he didn't need the T-shirt then.

Poor Stephen. He got lambasted at Judges' Table more than once. In fact, one of the harshest comments was when Gail said his food looked like cat food. Man, this is rough. They could have made a montage similar to this for anyone if they dug through and found only the bad things. Okay, maybe not THIS bad. Stephen explains that his style is to use trial and error and keep cooking a dish until it's as good as it can be, and he didn't have time to do that in the competition. That's how I cook! My husband gets annoyed sometimes when I make the same dish multiple times in a week, but I want to keep trying different variations until I get it right. Then I totally forget and never make the dish again. I really need a better way to organize my recipes.

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