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Stew Room! It's like the blooper reel. Everyone loves it. They played craps with giant dice made of boxes, and they played blackjack with fake cards. And once they played baseball and Angelo threw the ball so hard that it got stuck in the wall.

Andy asks John if he's still pissed at himself for using a premade pastry puff and getting eliminated first. John says that he would have done it differently, but his restaurant is doing well. Then Andy asks Tracey if it hurt to be told that her food was an insult to Italians. She says that she hoped it would get edited out but Tom laughs and says he knew it was harsh right after he said it, but he also knew it would make the show. Then there's a little plug for the Just Desserts show with Gail as host, where Gail admits that hosting is a lot harder than just judging. Padma is like, "THANK YOU!" This leads into the judges' blooper reel. I can't really describe every shot, but it features a lot of Padma getting impatient and Colicchio giggling.

Weird Interstitial. Ripoff of Conan's old "If They Mated" bit. You kind of have to see it, but those are some ugly kids.

Andy introduces an alternate version of the credits that's basically like soft porn, music and all. Amanda looks really, really uncomfortable about it, and she gets mad that she just did what they told her to do. She needs to fucking lighten up. It was funny.

Who were the most exciting celebrities? Amanda enjoyed cooking for Nancy Pelosi, and Kelly was excited to meet Buzz Aldrin. Boring.

Random Viewer wants to know if Angelo is as arrogant in real life as he was on the show. Didn't we already cover this? Anyway, apparently people thought that Angelo was a spy. He liked to sit back and watch people. He also used to sit out back on a rock by himself. He talked to himself while cooking. This is one of the best things about having kids; now I can pretend I'm talking to them in the store when I'm really trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Because somehow talking to infants who don't understand me is socially acceptable. Remember when Angelo kept giving people advice and then they got eliminated? Was that on purpose? Tamesha says that she doesn't think Angelo had anything to do with her elimination. Angelo says that he really wanted to try to help people, and he doesn't think his tips made a difference. Everyone thinks that Angelo was sincere. Tiffany had her doubts during filming, but now she thinks he really just wanted to help.

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