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Apparently, this cast was a group of pranksters. Angelo and Stephen tied one another's shoelaces together. Then Angelo put plastic wrap on the toilet seat, and we saw the results on one of the episodes. Then Alex wrapped every piece of Angelo's clothing individually. That takes commitment. So Angelo took Alex's knives and froze them in a block of ice. And finally, Angelo plastic wrapped all of Alex's belongings to his bed. That would get annoying after a while, no? They all agree that Alex was the easiest target for pranks.

Kevin volunteers to name all seven Top Chef winners in order when Andy asks. He succeeds (Harold, Ilan, Hung, Stephanie, Hosea, Michael, and Kevin) and everyone wins some wine as a prize. Andy explains that none of the winners will be on the All-Stars season. I approve. It's kind of bullshit on a show like this to give the chefs another chance when they've already won. Unless you did a season with ONLY winners, which would actually be pretty awesome. The problem is that the winners (except probably Hosea) are too busy cooking awesome food in their own restaurants to do another season. Maybe it could be a one-off.

Andy asks them who will win Fan Favorite. Amanda thinks it will be Arnold because he's campaigning. Bitter, table of one! Arnold says his sister is responsible for the campaigning. Andrea thinks it will be Kenny, and Kenny thinks it will be Tiffany. And he's right! Tiffany did win!

Andy announces who will participate in the All-Star season, which starts December 1st. So soon! How exciting! Here they are:

  • Season One: Stephen and Tiffany
  • Season Two: Elia and Marcel
  • Season Three: Dale, Casey, and Tre
  • Season Four: Blais, Dale, Antonia, and Spike
  • Season Five: Fabio, Carla, and Jamie
  • Season Six: Jen and Mike I.
  • Season Seven: Angelo and Tiffany

I'm excited to see a lot of these people again. The first season I recapped was six, so I'm probably most familiar with those cheftestants, although I watched all of the seasons. Tiffany and Angelo are excited to get second chances. Angelo thinks that Dale and Richard are his stiffest competition. Tom thinks it's an interesting lineup, because they were all strong contenders in their season. Gail loves this cast. Ripert is rooting for Jen, since she works for him. Padma thinks Blais is a strong contender. Gail thinks Tre was the biggest upset before Kenny. Ripert wonders how Marcel has evolved since his season. I think we've seen him since then and I think the answer is that he hasn't evolved, but maybe things have changed. I hope his hair has evolved. Anyway, that's it for this reunion. See you in a few months!

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