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Tom asks Arnold why their dish would win. Arnold says that it was creative, and if he were a judge, he would want to see an avant garde approach. Except when you're cooking for a general audience of travelers, and then maybe not so much.

The cheftestants are excused while the judges deliberate. Tom seems to kind of recognize that it would be weird to eliminate Kenny already when he says that they have to judge based on this one dish, not the previous dishes. Padma brings up my point, which is that mussels and pasta is a hard sell in a hotel restaurant. Ripert thinks having the pasta cooked properly would have made it a nearly perfect dish. Tom wanted more glaze on the short ribs, but that seems to be his only criticism. He and Eric discuss how the horseradish tempura could have been more successful.

Back in the Stew Room, Arnold is telling someone that he represented himself and his food. Kenny is bitching that he is supposed to be on the top, not the bottom. Oh, Kenny. I liked you before, but seriously? Shut it. Then Kevin and Amanda get in an argument. Kevin thinks you need to tell the judges how to eat your dish, and Amanda thinks that's arrogant. I kind of agree. I guess there are some restaurants where I would accept instruction on how to eat a dish, but in a hotel restaurant? Not so much.

The bottom two return to see the judges. Tom tells Lynne and Arnold they were outside the box, and made a delicious sauce but the pasta was undercooked. He tells Kenny and Kevin that they needed more glaze and didn't deliver the kick from the horseradish. They really fooled me here; I thought Kenny and Kevin were leaving. Instead, Padma tells Lynne and Arnold to pack their knives and go. Arnold delivers a nice speech about how honored he was to work with them while Lynne just shuffles out. Arnold interviews that he wishes Lynne had told him her problems before they faced the judges. Lynne interviews that she shouldn't have let a younger chef take the lead. Okay, there is seriously something left out here. Wasn't Lynne the one who wanted to wait to cook the pasta? And then it didn't cook long enough? Which the judges said was the only thing wrong with the dish? And Arnold made the sauce, which they praised to the heavens. So either Lynne is delusional or something happened that we didn't see. Or both.

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