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Weird interstitial: Angelo and Tamesha flirt while cooking. Ed thinks he only likes her because she's young and green. Tamesha laughs in an interview that there's no way she'd get with Angelo. I feel like a rube mentioning this, but isn't he married? So that might be an obstacle.

Ed and Alex are first to serve their incomplete dish, which Alex thinks is good because it has "more components" than anyone else. Was I the only one who heard the Hilton lady say that they needed simple dishes that were also sophisticated? Anyway, they made prosciutto potato cake, egg with lemon pancake, and a Bellini cocktail. And they forgot to put a potato cake on one of the plates, and it's Ed's fault. Oops. They had it made, and he just forgot.

Angelo and Tamesha made an egg with bacon and cheddar broth. It looks really good, but kind of soupy? I don't know how many people want soup for breakfast. Bryan tastes it and pronounces the yolk to be overcooked, and Tom agrees.

Arnold and Lynne bring out their tortilla espanola with chorizo and bacon, olive-pear salad, and papas bravas. Arnold also has a plan for how they would plate if it was to-go. The judges like the flavors but think the textures are off in a way they can't pinpoint. Maybe the frozen cheese?

Kenny and Kevin made a poached egg on herb brioche, prosciutto, manchego, and Spanish olive tapenade. Kevin likes that it has a European influence. The judges think it's too soft with no texture, and too busy.

Amanda and Stephen made a poached egg, pancetta, potato rosti and grape ragout with Hollandaise. The plate looks kind of messy, but I like a messy breakfast, personally. Some of the judges like that the bacon isn't crispy, because it's different, but Padma has a very specific suggestion on how she would have cooked the pancetta.

Andrea and Kelly (Jesus, how many teams are there?) serve up a bacon-cheddar whole wheat waffle, a poached egg and mango, lime and mint yogurt smoothie. The judges find the waffle a bit dense and the smoothie is too sweet.

Tiffany and Tim made the aforementioned crab cake Benedict, asparagus, and bacon potato hash in Hollandaise. Yes, please. The judges find it well-executed but think they could have left out the potato hash.

Finally! It's time for a decision. The winners for this round are Amanda and Stephen, and Tim and Tiffany. Wow, Stephen actually won something! Tiffany is thrilled to finally come out on top as well. Padma tells everyone else to move on to lunch. After this round, two more teams will be called safe and the rest will go on to cook dinner, where one team will win and one will be eliminated. Here's the problem with the structure: a team that cooks two sucky dishes out of three is going to win. That makes no sense. Also, from a production standpoint, there were way too many dishes. They should have done a bracket-style tournament, with someone from the first round losers' pool going home, and one team ultimately winning. There are just way too many glamour shots; it feels like more than half of the episode is taken up with people serving dishes and there's not enough time to find out their thought processes in coming up with dishes, or hear enough about what the judges thought.

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