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Kenny is "heated" because he claims that his cooking techniques and flavors were sound. Obviously not, dude. Get over yourself. Angelo is also "fuming." Man, the egos on these guys. "I didn't win in the first round and I know I deserved it because I am a great chef!" Arnold is worried about Lynne's vision for their lunch dish, because he thinks it might be too "quirky" for Hilton Hotels, but he's going with it. Alex is pissed that they didn't get all their food on the plate in the first round, so he's kind of taking over in this one to make sure that everything gets done. He's also making the bane of the Top Chef contestant's existence when it comes to protein: scallops.

Lunch time! Ed and Alex are up first again, and they made pan-roasted sea scallops with ricotta gnudi and broccoli rabe. The judges agree that the gnudi is good, although Bryan thinks they should have pureed the ricotta first for a smoother texture. I will admit that I didn't know what gnudi is, so I looked it up and the best description I found was that it's like ravioli without the pasta, just the filling. Sounds good to me!

Tamesha is a little worried that her dish made with Angelo is a little too simple but he is as confident as always, and she's trusting him. They made slivers of beef, jicama-Asian pear salad with mint, cilantro, and kimchi vinaigrette. It seems like that might be TOO sophisticated for the typical hotel visitor. Angelo says that it's easily transportable too. Mike I. wishes the dish had more texture, and Eric Ripert thinks it's too onion-y. Tom points out that you could roll it in a spring roll wrapper and make it portable.

Arnold and Lynne serve up "a take on a tuna salad" disguised as sushi: tuna cannelloni with forbidden rice salad and tomato vinaigrette. Arnold really wants to be safe so he doesn't have to stress out about dinner. Spike points out that it's not an easy dish to execute. Thank you! I was wondering when someone would mention that about many of these dishes.

Kenny and Kevin made a dish with all of the elements of hummus: chickpea pasta with tahini sauce and grilled chicken. The judges think that the chicken gets lost in the pasta, but Mike I. likes "the flavor profile." He's such a pretentious twit.

Andrea and Kelly made crispy-skin red snapper and panzanella salad with mustard vinaigrette. Andrea is concerned about serving fish to Eric Ripert, fish expert. Kelly admits that they didn't cook the beans themselves, due to time and budget. Budget? A bag of beans is like the cheapest thing there is. The judges agree that the fish is overcooked, and Eric says he wouldn't have sent it out at his restaurant. Tom is mad about the canned beans, because he thinks there was plenty of time. Don't you have to soak dried beans? For multiple hours? I wish Tom would let me in on how to cook dried beans in thirty minutes or less.

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