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Padma is ready to announce who is safe based on the lunch round, and who will have to cook dinner. The teams that are safe are Angelo and Tamesha, and Alex and Ed. Wow. That puts Kenny in the bottom, and he does not look happy. So are Kelly, and Andrea. Angelo is really rooting for Kenny, his nemesis, to get eliminated. Andrea lists off her qualifications and can't believe she might have to go home this week.

They have sixty minutes to cook dinner. Kelly explains that she and Andrea are frustrated and bitter. That should translate well into food. Kenny is pissed, because he knows that he's hitting all of the elements "at the highest level." It does seem like they could have given some feedback at each level. I know they wouldn't have time to show all of it, but again, that's one of the flaws of this format. Arnold thinks that Lynne has a temper and is kind of immature with how she handles her anger, where as he wants to put everything behind him and get stuff done. Andrea and Kelly are trying to communicate well, but they are worried because they are making short ribs, and so are Kenny and Kevin. Kevin notices that Andrea and Kelly's ribs are boiling away so they might be tough.

Lynne explains that Arnold makes great curry and she makes good pasta, so that's what they're going with. She's also making focaccia, except Kevin turned her oven temperature down, so now she has to wait for it to heat up again, apparently. She's pissed. If I were going on this show, I would invest in a stack of Post-It notes and just label the hell out of everything. It seems like it would prevent a lot of problems and I don't know why Lynne, the INSTRUCTOR, wouldn't think of that. Or even just a piece of tape that says "Lynne's oven" on it. Lynne and Arnold argue about when to put the pasta on to cook. Arnold wants to do it right away, and Lynne wants to wait. She's worried that the pasta will be overcooked. They can't really compromise, because it's not like one can stay and one will be eliminated; if one screws up, they're both going home.

Kevin and Kenny work on their sauce. Kenny adds more horseradish without asking Kevin, and he thinks there's too much and wishes they had discussed it first. Andrea notices that Kenny and Kevin don't have enough jus on their plate, which is important with short ribs, so she thinks theirs will win. And... time.

Time for the final round! Kenny and Kevin are up first, and they serve braised beef short rib, squash, potato and carrot confit, and tempura horseradish. Beth Scott asks them about their concept, and Kevin says they wanted to offer up familiar ingredients to travelers. The judges like the flavors, although they disagree on whether they can taste the horseradish. Padma loves the jus but Nora thinks there wasn't enough of it.

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