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After being told that Dave is going to Cannes, Sabor is sent in to the judges. The Katie Leebot says that one of the biggest complaints about their concept was that the service was too spread out. Launch the Stephen. "I'd say we provided an educational experience." He goes on and on about his whole wine shtick. "And nothing but compliments were said to us," he concludes. "Stephen," the Katie Leebot says, showing some actual signs of animation, "Your customers' surveys didn't show that people thought the service was great and the food was great." Stephen continues to argue, like a dumbass, about what the customers said to him, "They said they loved it. Loved. Quote, unquote. I'm sorry, but I don't think these people were lying when the --" The Katie Leebot sort of slaps her hand on the table and tells him that the bottom line is that his customers weren't satisfied. Where American Workshop got a 26/30 customer satisfaction, Sabor got 22/30. Stephen CONTINUES TO BLATHER, "I could've got the food out on time if I wasn't at the table explaining about where Rueda is in location to Rioja." "In location to"? Dude. Justdude. Gail announces, "Learning is one thing, being satisfied is another." Colicchio joins in the critique that Stephen is getting too caught up in his whole "need to educate the public." The adults in his restaurant don't need to be force-fed education. When addressed, Lee Anne admits that she wasn't necessarily comfortable with the team she had. Miguel, she says, didn't really know Spanish food but was happy to sit back and be the sous chef. Colicchio wonders why Miguel didn't push for food he knew. Miguel says he did but they still went another way. "What does it say on your jacket?" Colicchio wonders. "'Top Chef,'" Miguel reads. "It doesn't say 'Top Sous Chef,' does it?" Colicchio asks. No, Miguel agrees, that's not what they are there for. Colicchio wonders if it's time for Lee Anne to fire her sous chef. She admits she has yet to be "wowed" by Miguel, "So, I'll buy you a beer when we get back to New York. Sorry, dude." Stephen makes a long statement about the weakest one being the next to go and he thinks that weakest one is Miguel. Miguel thinks Stephen should go. The three losers are excused while the judges deliberate. Stephen minces back into the kitchen, presses his fingertips together, and says, "Deliberation." He's SUCH a FREAK!

The judges deliberate. As usual, impossible to tell anything. Every cheftestant on the Sabor team gets criticized. Chodorow gets off laboriously, "This is not called 'Top Sommelier.'" Great line, horrible delivery.

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