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Sabor is brought back in. Colicchio addresses each cheftestant and their faults. He even gets to repeat Chodorow's "Top Sommelier" line and adds to Stephen, "If you come back, we need to see you in a chef's coat." BURN! Seriously, all this suit wearing when everyone else was wearing their coats was so completely pretentious. Thank god Colicchio finally called him on it. However, Miguel is the one to be sent a'knife-packing.

In the kitchen, Miguel salutes the other cheftestants and says, "Chunk LeFunk has left the building. Thank you." He bows and hugs everyone. Even Tiffani. They all cheer that he's the junk food champion. Tiffani tells us that Miguel going home was the right move. I don't know, I think it could have been Stephen's time as well. Miguel tells us that he doesn't know where his career will go from here. He's opened a lot of doors and he says his success has never come from money but from a desire and passion to make people happy.

Next week: Stephen still hasn't learned that condescension does not pay. It's going to be a doozy!

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