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Lee Anne presents her salami, fried egg, and sunchokes on focaccia. Colicchio pulls long strands of greens out of his mouth after each bite. "Next time I'll chop the greens," Lee Anne notes. Harold tells Colicchio that he tried to go for ingredients that were "vacant" on 'Wichcraft's current menu and explains that he has mortadella, dandelion greens, trumpet royale mushrooms, and black olive aioli on sourdough bread. Colicchio says, "Everything's in there" and thinks it's great. We get to Miguel and his "Deconstructed Falafel." Oh, dear. The point of the Quickfire is that it's supposed to be a sandwich. Between two slices of bread. Portable. Pickupable. Not deconstructed. "Basically, the falafel, instead of being inside, is now your bread." "Okay," Colicchio says, looking askance, "I guess in fairness to everyone else, I'm gonna have to eat this with my hands." They don't tell us what exactly is inside the falafel, but I'm guessing avocado, sprouts, grilled zucchini, maybe some cheese, and mushrooms. Miguel argues that he supplied a knife and fork, but Colicchio tells him, "No, I know, but a sandwich has to be eaten with your hands." Miguel sort of agrees but tells Colicchio "it's going to be really messy." Colicchio does exhibit a tough time eating it but compliments Miguel on his flavors. In the end, Colicchio really liked Dave's sandwich; thought Stephen's flavors were too "all over the place;" loved the mortadella in Harold's but would have loved to see the grapes he had on the side inside the sandwich itself; and tells Miguel that he would have won had he actually made a sandwich because the flavors were great, and he's always looking for a vegetarian sandwich. Harold wins the challenge. "Does that mean that we're partners now?" Harold jokes. I'll be looking for that sandwich in San Francisco. And how.

The Katie Leebot says that Colicchio will be taking them all over to a "raw restaurant space" that has two separate dining rooms. They will divide into two teams and each team will create a new restaurant concept for their space. "You will create a name and a menu for your space and you will have a budget of one thousand dollars for everything you need," the Katie Leebot drones. They will draw knives to determine teams. The Red Team is Harold, Tiffani, and Dave. "The perfect team would have been me, Harold, and Lee Anne," Tiffani tells us. "Dave is difficult to work with -- everything becomes very personal to Dave." The Blue Team is Lee Anne, Miguel, and Stephen. One member from the most successful team will win the challenge, but the entire losing team will be judged and one "mimber" will be sent home. The teams are told to jump into their product-placed Highlander Hybrids and brainstorm on their way to the restaurant space. Lee Anne tells us that she got put on the team with the "Big Thinker" (Stephen) and the "No Thinker" (Miguel). We get shots of Stephen shopping and going way over budget and shots of Lee Anne telling Miguel, "Dude, that's a huge mistake."

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