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I'm Not Your Bitch, Bitch

Tiffani addresses her team in the car and says, "Before any of this starts, I think it's really important for all three of us to recognize and know now none of this is personal." Which, in her mind, gives her complete leeway to be a "bitch, bitch" to Dave. Harold and Dave agree with her. As they plan their restaurant, it looks as though Dave is making suggestions that Tiffani is ignoring. They both bad mouth each other's teamwork to us. Over in the Blue Team's car, Lee Anne and Stephen appear to have problems keeping Miguel on track. He doesn’t really seem to understand what their idea of a Spanish-themed restaurant would entail. Loser music plays. Miguel feels steamrolled by Stephen and Miguel.

Both teams arrive at the space (Octavia Lounge on Market in downtown San Francisco) and Colicchio gives them the low-down. Guests will show up and can make a decision about where they want to eat based on each team's menu and ambiance. Guests will then be able to judge each team. The teams check out the space and realize they have a lot of work ahead of them. The teams now sit down to really plot out their restaurant. Tiffani wants their restaurant to be called "American Workshop," and it will feature the "greatest hits" that restaurants have to offer. Dave will be front of the house with Harold and Tiffani cooking in the back. The food will be served family style on communal tables. That makes plating much easier for them, and will also make serving easier for Dave. Dave comments that Tiffani definitely thinks she's in charge of the team even though running a restaurant is what he does in his day to day job. "If Dave gets in a bad headspace, it's over, but it could have been much worse, we could have had Stephen," Tiffani tells us. We see Stephen pacing in his raw restaurant. Tiffani sees this and tells her team, "Stephen's walking the space, walking the space." It wouldn't be so bad if his hands weren't clasped meditatively behind his back, like he's some Cambridge don readying himself for his afternoon supervision. Miguel tells us they named the restaurant "Sabor," which is Spanish for "taste." Stephen tells us, "We wanted to give an experience to our guests of Spanish food and wine, but obviously accented with our style of innovation and esoteric technique, you could say." No, you could say, because I don't see Lee Anne and Miguel falling in with "esoteric." Stephen then holds forth about the room flowing with a "going in and a going out." He puts himself in one corner, points his toe like a French marquis in a Renaissance painting, and throws his hands up in the air. I have no idea what he's on about. Clearly, Stephen's assigned to front of the house. It's all coming back to me -- this is going to be so hysterical! Stephen talks out loud about serving and bussing and tells his team that he's going to be on the floor "yapping" about the wine and things. He then decides that the Red Team's space looks like a banquet hall, "Like they're going to serve some slop on plates -- disgusting." Stephen then tells us that Dave's style "is not something you haven't seen before, you're used to it." However, his style, "is more refined." Dude, oil is refined -- that doesn't make it tasty.

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