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Back at Bryan's, the teams shop. Sabor is making a trio of tapas, which includes red snapper on paella cake and olive oil ice cream. Where's the third? Miguel is sent off to get some mussels and six pounds of red snapper. Miguel talks about how small their budget is and notes that there's no room for error. Lee Anne also has to reign Stephen in from "buying a bunch of nonsense" including twenty-four-dollars worth of coffee. American Workshop shops for tuna tartar, roast chicken, fall vegetables, and fruit crisp. Miguel reports back that the snapper is seven ninety-nine a pound. Lee Anne tells him to get seven pounds. Miguel goes back to the fishmonger, and Lee Anne tells Stephen that she was thinking the snapper would be more like sixteen dollars a pound, so she's happy with the price. Miguel pays for the fish and brings it back. Lee Anne examines it and realizes Miguel fucked up. The fish was sevenTEEN ninety-nine a pound. Lee Anne would not have ordered that extra pound had she known the actual price. "Okay, well I made an error, all right," Miguel shrugs. Lee Anne glares him down. "What -- you want me to take it back?" Miguel asks. I think he's asking rhetorically, but that's exactly what Lee Anne wants him to do. Stephen puts it all into perspective, "That's, like, two bottles of wine, dude." Miguel takes the fish back, and Stephen wanders around the wine shop cradling two Jeroboams of Veuve Clicquot Yellow. I don't think those are nine dollars each, dude. Also, isn't the wine supposed to be Spanish? Why isn't he going with a Cava? Freak -- he doesn't know anything!

Back at the Octavia Lounge, the teams ready the kitchen and the food. Dave complains that Tiffani is a hardass who wants to run the whole show. If they lose, he's sending her home. ["On a river of his tears, perhaps? Shut up, Dave." -- Joe R] Stephen plays around with Sabor's front of the house. He arranges plates and sits in chairs. He's so weird. Lee Anne tells us that Stephen didn't really check in with them and notes that Dave was helping the other team prep, "Stephen was in the dining room doing whatever Stephen does." Stephen appears to be trimming the carpet with scissors and vacuuming. He also tries to move a table set with plates and knocks one of the plates off. Lee Anne and Miguel aren't doing too well in the kitchen. Lee Anne is flustered and tells Miguel his sauce or whatever is too salty. Miguel tells us he allowed Lee Anne to micromanage him because she wants things done a certain way and he just let her do them.

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