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Season 10 Finale, Part 1

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We open just as Brooke is learning that Sheldon is her competition in the final two. They're so happy and relieved! It's cute to see them dancing around and throwing pillows at one another with big grins on their faces. They joke that they're the top two but really the top three (since the Last Chance Kitchen winner will be joining them) and even sing a song about it. It's charming.

Fast forward to Sheldon in Hawaii, two weeks before the finale. He explains that he's been cooking at a high end restaurant during his time off to get his technique down, since Brooke has a history of working at high end restaurants, and he wants to compete. He hopes to win so that he can open his own restaurant.

So now that we've seen Sheldon working, let's see Sheldon relaxing! He's having a barbecue on the beach with his family, his wife and three young girls. His kids are adorable, and Sheldon acknowledges that he needs to thank his wife for holding down the fort so that he could go compete. Other family members show up and hope that Sheldon will win so that he can put Hawaii on the culinary map. Man, it must be rough living in Hawaii, where it's beautiful every single day.

And what's Brooke been up to while she's been home? She's been hanging out with her son, who is adorable. She explains that she hates to leave her son, and her husband, and her businesses for so long. She and her husband run two restaurants, so after getting her kid to school, she has to go look at things like labor reports. Finally, she gets to cook, which is why she got into the business, and she loved that during the competition, she got to just cook.

Brooke and her husband have a date night as she interviews that she met her husband when she hired him to be a sous chef. It sounds like a rom com - she was the bossy chef and he was the surly sous chef. And then they fell in love! Her husband asks who she thinks she'll be facing in the finals, and Brooke says it will be Kristen. Her husband thinks that will be a battle for the ages, and Brooke says that she wants to go up against the best and win. Roy Choi stops to say hi and wish her luck; they're eating in one of his restaurants.

So Brooke and Sheldon are finally reunited and headed to the semi-finals. Brooke interviews that her goal is to think clearly and don't let her anxiety take over. They discuss who it would be most surprising to see: Josh, Carla, or Josie. They both think it's going to be Kristen. It probably is, but I wish it was CJ if only because they would be so shocked.

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