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Padma, who is wearing a gold necklace that may have been crafted from the chandelier in someone's dining room in the '80s, welcomes them along with Tom, Hugh, and Emeril. Is Gail just done with this show now? I need more Gail! Padma reminds them about Last Chance Kitchen, like we don't already know. If you didn't watch (or read my mini-recap at the end of each full recap), here's all you need to know: CJ won a bunch of challenges in a row, until Kristen came in and beat him. Then Kristen beat everyone else by quite a bit, until Lizzie came along in the finale, and now we are waiting to find out if Kristen or Lizzie will be returning. Padma introduces the winner of Last Chance Kitchen, and of course, it's Kristen. I don't really get how she was just crowned the winner when the others have been back in Alaska for at least two weeks, but I'm not going to untie those knots.

Tom explains that the season started at his restaurant, Craft, so for one of them it will also end here. The challenge is to create a three-course meal at Craft to serve to actual diners, and Tom will be in the kitchen, expediting. Sheldon interviews that it's a lot of pressure and a big honor. Tom begs them not to screw it up, since his name is on the line.

The three cheftestants head into the kitchen and choose their proteins first. Sheldon goes for spot prawns, which he claims are talking to him. Kristen chooses tuna and Brooke goes for short ribs, but then changes her mind. There's so much good product that she can't choose. The three of them quickly confer about their courses to make sure they aren't overlapping, which is smart. Kristen knows exactly what she's making. Brooke is just like, "Something with beets and then something else." Sheldon is making quail, and Brooke interviews that it doesn't sound like his food. Sheldon interviews that it's not his usual fare, but he wants to show his versatility. That's not a terrible idea, but first of all, you need to be sure that you can execute it perfectly, and second of all, it should be maybe based on your usual culinary technique, but with a twist. Brooke changes her mind AGAIN about what she's going to make; I'm starting to worry about her.

Hugh comes into the kitchen first to talk to Brooke. She explains that she's making sweetbreads for her first course, and Hugh talks about how creative she's been in the past and she need to bring that today. She doesn't talk about her other courses; I'm not sure if she knows what she's making yet. Hugh wishes her luck.

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