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Tom comes back to talk to Kristen, who explains that she's making a chestnut veloute, and she interviews that she's going for simple, but not boring or safe. She lists off her courses, and her final course is going to be a "chocolate thing." I will never understand why these cheftestants to not take the time to perfect one or two simple desserts; it's always the downfall. Tom asks if she's learned anything in her time off, and Kristen says she's trying to simplify because she often overthinks things and it screws her up. Tom points out, wisely, that it might be why she did better in Last Chance Kitchen; they were largely thirty-minute challenges so she didn't have too much time to think. Kristen agrees.

Emeril visits Sheldon, although he sneaks up on him and scares him a bit. Emeril asks if he's cooking Filipino food, and Sheldon says that he's done a lot of growing since they saw him in Alaska, and they'll be amazed by his growth. He says he's making quail and Emeril looks dubious but reminds Sheldon to taste his food, since that's what almost got Sheldon sent home last time. Emeril wishes Sheldon luck. I feel like Emeril did the least advising of any of the chefs, although I guess it could have been edited.

Sheldon and Kristen joke about how they are scared to cook in Tom's restaurant, and they are constantly getting lost in his blue eyes. Brooke is freaking out because she keeps burning her pistachios. Kristen tries to help her, but Brooke interviews that she's behind in her prep and the panic is snowballing. Sheldon asks if she's okay but Brooke is too busy to even answer him. She looks sweaty. Sheldon asks Brooke to make his dessert, and he says that he's never made one. Kristen also admits that her dessert is a complete afterthought. See what I mean? Why not learn one? One dish? Brooke interviews that she's spinning out of control, but she thinks the flavors will hold up. Kristen interviews that she's sweating in places she didn't know could sweat. Been there.

Tom comes into the kitchen and gives them some final instructions about service, including asking them to clean up. The first seating arrives, including Padma, Emeril, and Hugh, who are joined by Martin Yan and John Besh. Emeril talks about how much pressure the cheftestants must be facing tonight, cooking with Tom in his restaurant.

Service starts and Tom calls back the first order. He keeps pestering the cheftestants to get their food out. I don't know how they don't tell him to shut it. He also takes time to sample each dish so that he can judge.

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