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The judges are served the three first courses. They start with Sheldon's sashimi spot prawns, court bouillon, radish, and Asian herbs. Hugh thinks it's pretty, and Emeril says that his prawn was perfectly cooked. They are impressed with how delicate it is, and says that it's difficult to pull off. Next, they try Kristen's chestnut veloute, duck rillette, and Brussels sprouts. They think the sprouts give it a kick, but Hugh doesn't think she should have served the rillette by itself. Brooke's first course was crispy veal sweetbread salad with kumquat, beets, and mustard. Padma loves the intense flavor but Martin says that despite the surprising flavors, the stem on the greens is not good. Hugh wanted the sweetbreads to be cleaned even more. Seems like Sheldon takes the first round.

Tom continues to yell at everyone for their delays. Brooke interviews that she's "a total shitshow" and she's not going to make it through this round. She laughs to Tom, "Bad day to have a bad day." But she's not really laughing.

Second course comes out! Kristen serves seared Ahi tuna with veal mustard and Meyer lemon puree. Martin thinks the tuna is cooked perfectly, but Padma found the lemon a bit too strong. Brooke serves braised short ribs, Parmesan sauce, nettle puree, and squash dumplings. Martin thinks it's perfectly cooked, and Hugh loves the Parmesan sauce. Emeril loves the puree. If everyone loves each component of your dish, it's a winner. Sheldon serves roasted quail, pine nut puree, garam marsala, and tangerine. Martin thinks it's brave to make quail; I don't know if you want the judges calling your dish "brave". Hugh thinks the puree is just okay, but the dish isn't Sheldon, and Emeril agrees. I don't think they're saying that the dish is good but it's not Sheldon; I think they're saying that it's not good and when Sheldon cooks his food, it's great.

And finally, it's time for the desserts. Tom is still harassing them to get him the dishes quickly and Brooke gives him the biggest fuck you look. It's amazing. Anyway, these desserts are bullshit. Brooke's is probably the most successful; she serves brown butter cake, whipped goat cheese, and blackberry sauce. John thinks it's "really, really good" and Hugh agrees. Martin likes the balance of the flavors the most. Kristen made curry chocolate with cashews. Martin is surprised by the combination, and Padma likes it. Hugh thinks it's not a good idea and it's a basic dessert. Agreed. If someone just plopped some chocolate with crushed nuts on a plate and called it dessert? Bullshit. Sheldon's dessert is equally bullshit: white chocolate mousse with apple and fennel. He basically smeared some white chocolate on a plate and then dumped apple slices and fennel on top. Padma likes the flavor combinations but John thinks the fennel was overpowering. Martin agrees.

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